Nothing Outside Of You Determines Anything – It All Is Realised Within

It was an awesomely happy day, the day I realised that everything I desired originated within…

After years and years of working ever harder to get what I wanted…

After years and years of thinking I just was not good enough.

After years and years of looking to the news for permission/direction…

Looking to the country I was in, to be my saviour…

After years and years of wondering if my skin colour was a disadvantage

I finally allowed myself to remember what I had always known

I am a spiritual being, having a human experience

I create the life I desire from within me

From my connection and oneness with the Divine

That is where all good things come from

It matters not how many hours I have put in

It matters not that I sacrificed this, that and everything and should now deserve things…

It matters not what is happening in the world

It matters not where I was born and what family I was born into

It matters not how old I am

There are no hoops to jump through

No rules to follow

I get to simply decide what I want

FOCUS on it

See it as done internally

And allow it to arrive in my physical reality.

It is like being on a journey from London to Scotland.

I know Scotland exists and I am committed to getting there and I have taken many car trips in the past and for the most part, I always get where I am going.

So, internally, it is done.

However, if I decide to think that every side street on the way to Scotland should be explored because I start to lose confidence in my ability to just go straight to Scotland or there is a little too much traffic and I start to wonder if I will ever get there on this path and so I get distracted, feel sorry for myself by the side of the road for a bit, listen to some other person’s story of woe as they tried to get to Scotland and decide that that must also be my story, then listen to the news telling me about how people in Africa cannot get to Scotland and so then I feel guilty about going to Scotland so I sit by the road angrily posting on Facebook about the injustice in the world…

then I just make the journey take longer.

In the meantime, my GPS keeps refining the route trying to get me to Scotland

And if I would just listen,  I would get there.

Are you done with being distracted?

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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