There Might Be A Million Doing What You Want To Do But None Of Them Is You!

Every so often, someone asks me about what to do when they seem to be in a competitive marketplace…

I tell them to stop playing that game

They tell me that there are many doing what they want to do and how can they stand out?

I tell them AGAIN to stop playing that game

Some people also add their race to their argument that not only are there many people in their marketplace selling the same stuff but that their skin colour also gives them a greater disadvantage… (feel free to add whatever you think makes your particular brand of problems unique – being female, being young, being old, being in a different country blah, blah, blah!)

I tell them AND YOU to stop playing that game.

You have a message

A calling

A vision

A deep desire to change lives, make a difference and make a dent on this planet while you are here

Who the heck cares how many other people are doing it too?

There are 7 billion people on the planet and frankly, if the news is to be believed, then there is a heckuva lot more healing required.

So obviously, all the millions you think are out there doing what you want to do, are not quite reaching everyone yet so guess what?!


They are waiting on you to wake up

They are looking for your particular brand of message


I know where you are!!!… you are playing the game of competition

You are playing the game of reacting to your physical illusion, rather than creating the life you desire from within

You are allowing fear to determine your next moves… or lack of them!

Are you done with that yet?

You deeply desire to live a life where you get to combine doing what you love, changing lives and creating an income

So why get in your own way?


Become that beacon of love and light that you see in your mind’s eye


Put the blinkers on and stop looking to see what others are doing



Show up and DO YOU!

There is no competition when you do you because NO ONE is you!

Let me help…

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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