Ask for what you want or stop decieiving (1)

People try to be in the good books of the popular crowd – It is like being in high school again where you toe the line all the time so as not to rock the boat too much.


You get scared that they will confirm something you already knew to be true – You are not the same as everyone else!


Except you see this as a bad thing, something to be hidden or you see it as a reason to be a rebel!


The question is, who are you rebelling against anyway?


People deny themselves a life that makes them proud because they are trying to keep everyone around them happy and all the while, they tell themselves they like life the way it is but really, they do not but they cannot imagine a different way so they stay stuck.


They look to people for confirmation before they make a move and all the while, they make no moves because no one overly cares about you, They are all battling the same thing – everyone is ultimately out for themselves and everyone is trying to stay in the popular crowd.


What if you gave up on popular opinion and really figured out who you wanted to be in the world?


Too many people are not even in touch with who they are anymore as they try so hard to conform to what other people want them to be.


Let’s start there.


Who are you?


Who do you want to be? You know you get to create this, right?


In your heart of hearts, what would you like your life to look like?


What would you be doing if you knew you could not fail?


Take some time, write that out, really picture it in your mind and then ask yourself – “Why am I not living this life already?”


What comes up for you?


Is it fear?


Do you tell yourself it is not practical? (Is that just your fear?)


Is it a lack of motivation to rock the boat? After all, you have spent most of your life finding this lovely comfortable spot, why would you want to upset the apple cart?


I can give you one reason why!


Because you feel dissatisfied inside…


On the outside, it looks like you should be happy with your life but you really are not. It is comfy but it is also depressing.


You wake up with no joy…


You just plod through the day…


There is no passion in your step, there is no nothing except a quiet determination to make it through another unexciting day doing more unexciting stuff.




So, why do you sacrifice yourself on the altar of popular opinion?


Your parents, friends, pastor, mentor, anyone you look up to, may not have been able to create a life and business doing what they wanted to do but does that mean you cannot?


Why be limited by their limitations?


Why not set a new standard just for yourself?


And yes, it will be hard work – After all, no one has done ‘you’ before.


Yes, you can get ideas from other people and it will be helpful to do that but you do not have to remain limited to only doing what they say worked for them.


Why not combine what worked for them with your own unique blend of ‘YOUR WAY’?


What could you create then? How much wealth could be thrown at you for doing ‘you’? How much peace will you experience just being ‘you’?


Fight for, create the life & business you want – STOP living the one you don’t!


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