I Don’t Want To Wake Up Yet. I Need More Sleep!

Yes, I know…


You are tired, sleepy and everyone else is still asleep…


You had a hard day yesterday and you have a hard day coming today…


So, yes, I suppose you could stay down, hit that snooze button again…


Get that much needed sleep…


Loose yourself in dreamland where everything seems lovely and beautiful as you dream about the life that you are creating for you and yours. It is more pleasant there, it is warm and sunny there and…


Ooops! – There goes another hour and you still did not wake up and you shrug and think “no one knows” and it is true, no one knows, no one cares if you wake up and do the work that you promised to do because honey, it is YOUR dream.


And you can have it…


Or you can sleep…


Completely your choice – No one will make you wake up.


No one will make you do the work…


No one will care and no one will know about the promises you made to yourself…


But you KNOW and most days, you even care.


You are fed up of living your life at half-mast but you tell me that you cannot find the time to do the work that needs to be done to create the life that you say you want.


And then each night, you say you are too tired to stay up and do some work on your business when the household is silent. So you promise yourself to wake up earlier to get it done but then…


The morning comes and you justify your need for that little extra sleep and so when you do wake up, you have to run into the day with no thoughts for dream life design because hey, REAL life is calling and you have to answer! You have to jump right back into being at everyone else’s beck and call.


From the children to the partner to the boss to the parents to the friends…


And you just do not ever find the time to do YOUR work, to live to YOUR agenda.


So, yes, I KNOW you are tired…


But honey, do you want the vision or not?


Do you want to create that life of freedom and wealth on your own terms, or not?


Do you want to impact people and change lives with your products, services, music, books, ministry… OR NOT?


Is it just talk?


Or are you actually willing to do what it takes?


Because life is tick-tick-tocking away and you can tell yourself that you do not have time or energy and that one day, when things are a little less stress-y THEN you will design the life you desire and feel called to live.


Yes, you can say that…


And then you put it off another day, another week, another YEAR!


And all the while you are getting more and more bogged down and attached to a life you do not even completely love but it is comfortable and it is what you know and of course, no one can expect you to find time in this busy existence.


And no, no one expects you to.


It is your choice.


Always YOUR choice.


Fight for your best life… or don’t?


Completely YOUR CHOICE!


But know this, nothing will EVER change until YOU MAKE IT CHANGE!


Life will always be busy and stress-y and full-on with no space to breathe because that is the way life is – It expands and fills any space you give it.


So, if you want something different, you FIGHT FOR IT!


And sometimes that fight is with yourself and your desire to be a ‘norm’ and get that ‘required’ 6-8 hours of sleep.


And yes, I can hear you thinking “I don’t even get that!”, or “How can you expect me to function on so little sleep?”


And honey, I don’t expect you to. You can get all the sleep you want and you can keep telling yourself that you are too busy and you have a lot on…


And so on.


It is your life. I have no expectations. I just know YOU want more and so, I tell you that you can find time to deliberately design the life you are born to live but it will need to be carved out of your CURRENT BUSY existence. Will you do it?


Is it worth it to you?


Or do you want me to sell you a fairytale, like most others will?


Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live.


And if you are fed up of the fairytale and you want to wake up to a life that you actually want to live, increasing impact and income, then join me in the Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track group by popping over to RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/dmfasttrack

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