Move From Limited To Limitless

It is all a story, you know?!

Just a story.

Whether you believe a story of “I can’t”

Or you choose to believe a story of “I can”

You are, right now, living the effects of your story

Do you like what you see?

If you do, then great! Keep telling yourself the same story

If you do not like even one little area of your life, then figure out what story you are telling yourself and CHANGE IT!

That is how you become limitless.

I am, of course, assuming that you do realise that you contain the Divine

That the power you have within you, is crazy amazing!

That the answer to every request you put out to the universe, is YES and AMEN!

Whether you ask for a sad, struggle-filled existence

Or you ask for abundance, happiness, joy in all areas.

The answer is always YES!

So, honey, what are you asking for?

Your current existence shows you

And though you may want to pretend that life is happening to you…

Though you may be addicted to that victim story

Please know that it is not true.

Life responds to you and what you are putting out there

Life is subject to you

It is not revealing what is inside of you

And that is great!

Because now you can do the deliberate work of cleaning and clearing and changing the story


It takes courage and resilience to transition from a place of feeling limited to a place of knowing you are limitless.

It takes faith and trust beyond what most people will ever have the perseverance to develop

But that is all it is…

YOU, choosing to grow this faith and trust

You, choosing to practice bringing your desires to life


It is just a story you tell yourself to excuse your current circumstances

I know that may be hard to hear

But I see you

I see me

I know we are powerful

And I know that I am responsible for any area of my life where things are not the way I want them and so I can no longer make any excuses.

And I see through your excuses too!

But don’t you see?



Why would you want to buy into a story that makes you weak?

Take a moment now and “Be still and realise that YOU contain the Divine.  You are powerful.  You are Love!”

That is our affirmation for this week in the Deliberate Life Community because it is true

Take it on…

Sit with it.

Really truly realise it

And start the shift from a place of limitedness to being the limitless being you are created to remember you are!

You need ongoing reminders…

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Come be all you are born to be

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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