A Modern Parable On Creating The Life You Want

This morning, I was making my breakfast in the Kitchen…

It was 4am-ish, I wanted to boil a few eggs and the cold water tap was very tightly closed.

It had been this way since yesterday night but yesterday, I did not care so much and so I had used the hot water tap instead.

There had been a moment of silently being irritated with the hubby for closing it so tightly but I caught myself before I went full blown victim.

Today, for whatever reason, I WANTED TO USE THE COLD WATER TAP and so, I set my mind on it and I added a bit more force and voila! It opened.

No tap can withstand the power of a focused, determined Rosemary!

Ha ha!

And the thought popped into my head that ‘as with tap, so with life’

Thank You, Papa!


When I was content to put up with not having what I wanted, I got the compromise.  I felt a flash of annoyance but ultimately, I seemed to be happy enough settling and so I got what I settled for and no more.


Yep, I could have blamed my hubby, the tap itself, some other thing or person for making it hard for me to open the tap and EVEN IF I WAS RIGHT that it was not my fault, it would not have helped the situation.  It would just make me a victim of the situation and as I always say, victims NEVER win.

I would then convince myself that I was stuck forever with a tap I could not open.  I would probably simmer with silent rage inside and tell myself how no one ever seems to consider my needs.  No one cares and seriously, have I not mentioned twenty million times that the tap need not be so tightened.  And on and on it would go as I spiralled down and down.  All my focus on how unfair life was and how helpless I felt to change things.

Would it get me cold water?



Today, I set my mind like flint and I got what I wanted.  If I had not been able to do it alone, guess what?! I could have asked the hubby to come loosen the tap – Maybe, not at 4am but I could have asked with no attachment to his response, knowing that if he did not, someone else could be called upon or I could use a tool to do it or who knows how many options there could be to loosen a tap when you really decide to do it.

Ultimately, my mind was set.  I wanted cold water and I simply expected to get it.  I followed intuitive guidance and turned the tap with a lot more force and voila, COLD WATER!

And there you have it.

How to have a prosperous life in a modern parable.

Ha ha!

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight


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