Massive Acceleration

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9 Part Bootcamp: How To Transform Your Mindset, Break The Cycle Of Self-defeat, Get Back In Touch With Your Divine Nature & Quickly Begin To Thrive In A Prosperous Life Of Your Own Deliberate Design







These are all things that can become a natural and normal part of your existence…

🔴 Intimate connection to the Divine so that you always feel intuitively guided and sure of your next move 

🔴 Intimate relationships that empower you, rather than ones where you are always having to be a support system and where they weigh you down, keeping you from your own destiny

🔴 A healthy body that feels vibrant and energetic…

🔴 A healthy bank balance that supports everything you desire to do...

🔴 Work you absolutely adore and wake up so happy to have the privilege of doing it...

All of these things can and SHOULD BE a natural and normal part of your existence…


Or are you hoping that if you work harder and harder…

If you just keep doing whatever it is that you are doing, right now...

then maybe it will come…

Or maybe you think MORE sacrifice is required… 

More laying down of your life for other people…

And maybe even more ‘niceness'…

Then maybe you will get yours…

Then maybe, all those dreams you have, will finally, FINALLY come to pass…


Or maybe you have given up and now you think that great things happen to other people and definitely not to you…

Maybe you are convinced that there is some kind of magic thing that others know and that they are hiding from you…

Maybe you wonder if the Divine even really wants you to WANT these things.

Maybe, somewhere in the back of your mind is the thought that He/She/It wants you to be in lack as a sign of how spiritual you are…

Maybe you do not feel you deserve to thrive and live prosperously because of some mistake you made sometime ago…

And so you just keep working and working and putting up with nonsense in various areas of life

But there is a whisper in your heart that reminds you time and time again that there is more to your life than this…

That you could be more prosperous and more happy

More fulfilled and more free

And you long for that

There is a deep part of you that KNOWS that the good life is your divine right

But everyday nonsense takes you off course…

And it feels like life is moving so slowly


and you just cannot reach THAT PLACE!

Well, let’s end that now and put you on the path to…


Let’s transform your mindset

Let’s break the cycle of self-defeat where you keep doing the same stuff that has not worked in the past

Let’s get you back in touch with your divine nature

And lets get you thriving in a prosperous life of your own deliberate design

There is just no more time to live the wrong life

The world literally needs each one of us to begin living to our true design if we want to see change

And YOU, my honey, YOU are born for more than just going through same-old, same old stuff

And so, you are invited to...


This is a 9 part audio, text and worksheet bootcamp. Day 1 is delivered, via email, on Wednesday 11th July and then, another part is delivered every other day until you receive all the parts.

9 Part Bootcamp: Delivered one day on, one day off - 18 days  

🔴 Achieve Crystal Clear Clarity on What you truly desire for your life and put together a master plan to step-by-step create the prosperous life. It is all within your reach, you just need to reframe your mind and I will show yo how to do this  

🔴 Learn how to access your divine abilities so that you are living from an elevated standpoint everyday - We both know that you have access to more power than you are currently using. This program will teach you how to avail yourself of this power in practical ways every single day so that you are moving forward at an accelerated rate  

🔴 Release old conditioning and ideas that keep you trapped being ‘nice’ but getting absolutely nowhere in the quest for a more prosperous life - You have never been a normal person. It is time now to stop trying to conform and live to these old ideas. The thing is, you do not even realise what they are anymore so I will show you how to identify key areas in your life where you are slowing yourself down and you will learn how to clear it all so you can move forward fast  

🔴 Discover the BIGGEST limit on your life and learn EXACTLY what to do to break free so you are not continually self-sabotaging and keeping yourself on the slow lane.  

🔴 Return to child-like faith as you begin to realise the bedrock foundational belief that will allow you to take your foot off the brake in your life and instead you will now start to charge forward releasing all fear, self-doubt and uncertainty.  

🔴 Discover why working harder is simply keeping you more trapped in the hamster wheel that most people find themselves trapped in. It is time to break free completely of the ‘normal’ world and get deliberate about the prosperous life  

🔴 Learn how to heal wounds of the past, shift away from simply getting by and instead choose to rise up and THRIVE in a prosperous life of your own making

If You Are Ready To Face Up To What You Really Want & Who You Really Are So That You Can Accelerate Towards A Prosperous Life Of Your Own Deliberate Design, Click The Button Below To Join MASSIVE ACCELERATION! I am so EXCITED for you!



When you join MASSIVE ACCELERATION, you will get 2 months Free Entry To The Opulence Circle where the Deliberate People Gather...

🔴Put a spiritual practice in place that reminds you of your true divine nature and helps you deliberately design a prosperous life of freedom, fulfilment, abundance, love  

🔴 Receive daily #SpiritSpeaks to reflect on as part of that practice - Immerse yourself in a new way of thinking, being, acting as you reflect on these simple thoughts direct from the Divine  

🔴 Tap back into your intuition and live a divinely guided life so that you feel like you know what you are doing  

🔴 Become happier as you stop feeling as though things are happening to you and you take back the reins of your life  

🔴 Learn how to manifest prosperity miracles in your life as a normal thing - Prosperity is your divine right. Let the Deliberate Life method show you how to allow it all in.  

🔴 Get clear of mental and emotional blocks that keep you from your prosperity in all areas, that keep you from living life to your true design.  

🔴 Develop better relationships as you change from the inside out. Start attracting soulmate friends, lovers, colleagues, clients, recruits, whatever. It will all change as you change.  

🔴 Learn to love your body more and treat it with respect as you change from the inside out. Experience better health, more energy and vitality as you become deliberate about the design of your life  

🔴 Create purposeful work that makes you excited each morning as you realise that you have all the power to design life the way you want it  

🔴 Learn how to manifest money whenever you want it so that you never have to settle into doing anything just because you feel you lack money  

🔴 Be a part of a community of deliberate people who are all moving forward powerfully as they tap into the Deliberate Life method. Be in a safe place to share your trials and triumphs, get objective support and move forward knowing that we all are on your side.  

🔴 Get awesome discounts on some of my programs, particularly ones where we work together more closely  

🔴 Discover how to live to your true design and finally experience true, deep, inner happiness and peace as you fully remember who you are.  

🔴 There is no obligation to stick around. Get the bonus 6 months and leave if you choose. You will be instructed on how to claim your bonus when you join in! WOOHOO!

If You Are Ready To Face Up To What You Really Want & Who You Really Are So That You Can Accelerate Towards A Prosperous Life Of Your Own Deliberate Design, Click The Button Below To Join MASSIVE ACCELERATION! I am so EXCITED for you!



I am Rosemary Nonny Knight - The Prosperity Minister. Once upon a time, I was a pharmacist working harder and harder to stay afloat and in the end, I did not win that battle - Bankruptcy, depression followed and I felt like a failure.

It took changing tactics from simply working harder to taking responsibility for my inner nonsense.

I learnt that I had to release A LOT Of my old way of thinking to create ANY kind of success on my own terms and I realised that my clients also had to do that because no matter how many times I would tell them exactly what to do, while their mind was set to their default state, they were simply unable to do the work consistently, no matter how excited they may have been at the start.  

I started to help them release old ways of thinking, same as I had had to and before I knew it, they were able to create the lives they desired, the business they desired. 

Let's do the same for you!

I am called to equip 334000 people to live a more deliberate life, opening up to prosperity and making their dent on the planet. I truly believe it is up to the individual person to stop living as though they are too small to make a difference and to wake up to the fact that YOU being YOU makes a HUGE difference on the world.

This simple program is one way to equip you with the internal and external tools of prosperity.

And I make it incredibly affordable for anyone serious!

Join me now by clicking the button below...