What Is The Most Effective Way For You To Market Your Business?

market your business

So, you want to market your business? – How sensible of you!

We both know that you absolutely have to do that …

And yet, though you say that you know why you need to do it…

Though you say that you actually want to…

Though you keep asking questions about exactly how to market your business…

You do not seem to be doing much…

Oh… OK Aaaah, I get it…  It is because you want to know the most effective way for you to promote that book, that product, that service or business opportunity…

I see, you want to know exactly what will work the moment you do it…

Aaaah… Now, I see why nothing is working now.

It is because you are still waiting to be certain that your time will not be wasted and so, ironically, you waste time sitting on the sidelines doubting yourself and your business instead.

You worry about wasting money on something that will not work and so you forget again, just how much every minute, hour, day, week of your life is worth and so yep, you end up wasting money anyway…

You worry that it will all be a letdown and so you let yourself down every single day by not taking any action at all…

Honey, this way of doing life and doing business has just got to stop.

This whole perfection thing you have going on, masked as ‘trying to be rational and realistic and sensible’ – It just has to stop.

Do you believe in what you are putting out there or not?

Aaaah, I see your hesitation there…

And so then we get to the crux of the matter, you do not believe in what you are doing…

You do not believe anyone wants it…

You are scared of leaving the comfort of being a follower and supporter of someone else’s dream to lay claim of your own.

And so, if that is where you want to stay, you better go get yourself a job and save yourself both time and money.

However, if you KNOW that you have something here that others could be served by, then it is time to start taking all the courses, webinars, training, life experience you have and distil out how to

  1. Increase the number of prospects you are in touch with daily
  2. Stand out in your industry and tell them why they must buy from you daily
  3. Tell them the next step to buy from you

Increase the number of prospects you are in touch with daily

Plan out your initial sales funnel – What is the incentive for people to join your contact list, your social media page?  How do you automate the collection of contact details and daily contact with these leads so that you are increasing your contacts every single day.

Stand out in your industry and tell them why they must buy from you daily

It is no longer enough to hang up your shingle and declare yourself to be in business (Was it ever enough to do that?!) – We now live in a very social culture.  You and 10000 others are selling exactly the same thing and so you have to stand out in some way and call out people who relate to your beliefs, your values, and also, want to buy what you have.

Building trust and loyalty is a must for every leader in business.  You do that by your blog posts, your case studies, your social media updates, forum and group commenting, your videos, podcasts – All of this is pointing people in the direction of your incentive so that they join your contact list.

Tell them the next step to buy from you

Once they have expressed interest in what you have to say and what you have on offer, you now have to tell them the next step – How do they buy from you?  This is where too many entrepreneurs drop the ball.  They assume that their prospects and leads know exactly what to do, how to buy, where to buy from etc.  And mostly, people are far too concerned with their own lives to want to think about how to buy from you.

Make it easy and simple.  Tell them exactly what to do, in as many ways as possible.


OK, so now you know exactly what three things you have to do to market your business, I want you to work on the hypothesis that your business is simply not working because you are not getting in front of enough people and that is it.  Nothing deeper than that – And so based on that hypothesis, I want you daily to come up with TEN activities you can do EACH day to get in front of more people.  That is it.

Step 1 can be automated immediately – Incentive created, Landing page to sign up and linked to an email marketing provider like aweber (Rosemarynonnyknight.aweber.com).  Now, write out ten ways to do part 2 and 3 and then take action.

Stop waiting for the most effective way…

Just market your business in anyway until you have some conversions…

And then you can consider what has proved to be the most effective way to market your business.

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