RNK - Make the most of yourself

I read that phrase this morning as I rev-ed myself up ready to get into the day…

It resonated

“Make The Most Of Yourself”

It sounds good.

It IS good!

And true – we must make the most of ourselves.

We are born with individual gifts and talents…

We have been through unique experiences and have stories to tell that could lift someone else up…

We are alive, deliberately designing a life of fulfilment, abundance and freedom

So, yes, let’s make the most of ourselves.

But what if…

What if you do not think all that much of yourself, despite the fact that you could list all your accomplishments, small or big?

What if most days, you think the world does not need your particular brand of craziness?

What then?

Well, I could try to answer for you but I won’t…

I will tell you what I do.

I choose to make the most of myself anyway.

I refuse to give the self-doubt a permanent home in me.

I am sure I could be bolder, more courageous, more brave than I am being…

But I start here by doing what I can do deliberately, frequently and consistently…

On the good or the bad days…

On the days when I wake up and wonder what the hell I am doing and why do I think anyone cares…

And on the days, when I think I have a captive audience and everyone wants what I am offering…

I simply choose to make the most of myself…


I keep my eyes on the vision…

334000 living life deliberately

Abundance, freedom, fulfilment a normalcy for us…

I partner with the Divine…

And I keep moving forward.

Doing something, usually a LOT OF THINGS to take me to the vision…

Knowing that if I did not do it, I would be dissappointed in myself for not giving it a go…

A client yesterday, on the DSI call talked about not being able to do the writing task that had been committed to…

And I asked “How would you feel in a year’s time, if you simply did some writing every single day for you, just for you?”

“I would be proud of myself”

“Great!  So do it just for you”

And I say the same to you


Because it is what you are born to do…

And then figure out the ‘how to make it work in my life’ as you go..

There is always a way.


Just commit first to making the most of yourself.

Deliberately and intuitively design a life that allows you to experience fulfilment, freedom and abundance.


‘Mass think’ tells you to just keep doing whatever you are doing now.

Break free of that unless you love what you are doing, of course.

Commit to making the most of yourself because you want to.

Start alongside whatever you are doing and deliberately seek to make it work financially.

There is always a way.


Will you do it?

Much Amazing Love

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