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The Make Stuff Happen Now 90 Day Program

The outcome of those 90 days together…

1. You will be confident in creating the business and life you choose to have now
2. You will have a highly functioning business plan & sales funnel with more customers, clients, recruits turning up daily so you start to make money now
3. You will become an alpha version of your ‘now’ person, stepping up as leader and impacting YOUR people daily
4. You will KNOW that God is on your side and so you can live in abundance now

Some of the Stuff we will cover includes

– How to find your purpose, direction and place on this planet
– How to stop living to please people
– How to start changing lives with your own message
– How to put an automated sales machine in place ASAP and get on with the real work
– How to remove opposing beliefs about God when it comes to creating wealth and building a relationship with Him
– How to take immense action now
– How to write, speak and sell everywhere
– How to serve the world as you through your business and despite your rough edges
– If you are a parent, how to bring up a generation of winners because you are now stepping up
– How to get over your wounds of the past
– How to give yourself permission to actually enjoy your life
– How to deal with assumptions about what you are allowed to do
– How to deal with limiting role definitions that no longer fit
– How to eliminate guilt and live free of the emotional tension
– How to allow yourself to be rich without guilt or any weird hangups
– How to figure out who you want to be, who you choose to have in your life and who you choose to serve
– How to be confident in who you are
– How to stop getting in your own way with the weird crazy ideas of limitation and all the start-stopping that you seem to like doing!
– How to turn those long held dreams into something tangible that creates wealth for you
– How to stop doubting yourself and Listening to people who tell you that what you want, is impossible.

How does it play out?

  • 10 private coaching calls with me to put together a personalised business plan, sales and marketing strategy and also, to help you get clear inside and out to make stuff happen now and make lots of money
  • 7 Training programs delivered to your email address

1 – Deal with the Assumptions & Choose To Be Rich

What makes a good parent, a good partner, a good blah, blah blah.  What assumptions keep playing out in your life that you need to absolutely get rid of so you are free to get on and create the life you actually want, rather than the one you think you have to have…

2 – Who on earth do you really want to be and who do you want to serve powerfully? 

Business strategy stuff to take your message global.  Claim who you are, who you choose to be and literally decide to speak only to the people you want to serve.

 3 – You Must Believe In Order To Receive
OK, so now you know that it is all a fallacy, how do you get the self confidence to do the work, to step away from what you have always been and start being the person you actually want to be, how can you believe in yourself and your abilities when doing something new…
4 – Call Them Out
Figure out the Opt in – Figure out the Sales Funnel – Start Now To Call the people out who you want to be surrounded with. No wasting time, no dithering – We figure it out and begin.
5 – The Money Stuff – Allowing It To Flow & Flow!
Allowing yourself to receive wealth while using your strengths – getting past all the nonsense about not charging for what you do, getting past all the nonsense about having to do something you hate in order to fund something you love, It is time to deliberately formulate beliefs that help you rather than hinder you.
6 – Write. Speak. Sell. Repeat.

The simple formula for making sales over and over again.7 – Getting Out Of Your Own Way – Accepting Your Awesome!

Avoiding The Self Sabotage –  Get the support you need – When you get scared, here are some of the things you might do and they will set you up for a fall.  How to stop doing them or even start seeing them so you can deliberately move past them and move right into a life where you are making a difference and making a fortune every single day.

  • 7 Group Q and A calls as you implement the information from the programs
  • Unlimited email access to me
  • Free membership of the Deliberate Millionaire
  • Access to Core Genius’ Sales Funnel Automation Consultant for 2 sessions to build out your techy bits


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