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You think you do not know enough…

You think you have to go searching high and low for your next step…

And so you delay…

You procrastinate…

You second guess and doubt yourself…

And the result is that no one is served.

And you make no money or at least nowhere near what you could be making…

And then you get emotional to boot!

I have a word for you – Get used to your own teepee!  

As I did my quiet time this morning, I had the impression of a teepee.  Now, being the modern woman that I am, I am used to living in a brick building and I trust my bricks and cement and solid roof to keep me safe from the elements.  I do not want to live in a teepee – thank you very much.

A teepee is something my princesses can play with in the garden, not something to build my home in, right?

But the message coming through to me was about how that is the way it feels to build a business when you have always been in a job.  You look at this teepee(your business idea) and you think there is nothing solid about it.  How can I sleep under this?  How can I trust that it will keep my family and myself, provided for?

And so, instead of doing the work that needs to be done to strengthen the teepee, you go looking at everyone else’s.  You tell yourself that if you are going to make this teepee work then you must see how everyone else made theirs solid and predictable.

And you look with envy at others who have spent years building a strong teepee and you compare your weak looking teepee to theirs and you find yourself wanting and you doubt, dither, delay on putting your hand to the plough.  And then you get emotional when your teepee is not getting any stronger.

All that does is waste your time because you already knew what to do but you were not doing it.

You despised your own wisdom…

You thought that the ideas popping into your head were to be discarded as nonsensical so you invest all your time, finding new ideas to solidify your path to wealth, or so you think.  What actually happens is that you spend so much time searching and researching and learning, and not enough time DOING THE WORK.

And it is the WORK that always works.

3 things are required when it comes to your business idea (Maybe more if you do want a solid teepee!)

  1. Increase your circle of influence and gather more of an audience around you
  2. Have a way to capture their information
  3. Offer something for sale

So, consider each of these 3 things and brainstorm ways that you can apply them to your business.  You know enough to do this.  Then follow through on your ideas.  Yes, it may seem different from what you are used to.  It may not seem practical but it is what you are called to do.

So, honey, DO IT!

Get to work, DOING THE WORK!

Stop listening to your emotions alone…

Stop doubting the strength of your ideas…

Stop thinking there is some other magic out there that you have not yet tapped into.

Do the 3 things!

Work with someone to support you in doing the 3 things, if necessary…

And then act on what you are shown!

All the thinking, researching, planning in the world, will get you nowhere unless you TAKE ACTION.

Your teepee can be made solid but you have to do the work to make it so.

Will you?

Much Amazing Love

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