You are loved & You can be Make a Difference & Be Wealthy

This morning, in my quiet time, the thought came to me to simply remind you that you are loved.

That love itself has chosen to love you.

To make you in His image…

Simply because He wants to…

The original creator of the ‘Because I want to’ lifestyle (

And though this is true – You are loved just because you are.

You do not always feel this…

You think, deep down inside, that your results in the marketplace are an indicator of whether you are worthy or not…



Whether you are currently winning or not.

It is a completely different conversation!

And yet, so easily combined in your mind.

You see others win at something you struggle at and you wonder why they are more loved than you…

And you either try to jump through more hoops from a place of desperation

Or you tell yourself that you are just not good enough, not worthy enough, not whatever enough…

And it is all linked to whether you feel loved or not.

But your results in the marketplace are not the same conversation as to whether you are loved or not…

Regardless of what some religious leader may have led you to believe as they tried to keep you in check.


That is a done deal.

No debate about it.

And if you want to win in business, then it comes down to learning the art of winning in business, rather than seeing it as some prize for when you have made your higher power happy enough to bestow his good fortune on you.

Your success in business is VERY MUCH WITHIN YOUR CONTROL!

Regardless of what you have thought to date.

And again, it is a separate conversation from whether you are worthy or loved.

If you want to be good at business or ministry or some creative pursuit, you simply learn to be good at business and Spirit will support you in that desire if you simply ask for help AND MOVE YOUR FEET!

But you are still loved whether you succeed or not.

Your success is not dependent on how many hoops you jump through for your higher power…

It is very much dependent on whether you learn how to do business…

Your success is not some whimsical thing in the sky that is dependent on whether the gods smile at you today or not…

It is not about whether you think God is happy with you or not…


Yes, Spirit speaks to you, giving you hints, wisdom and pathways to follow but it is then dependent on you to follow through on those…

To co-create the vision you desire with Spirit or even on your own if you want (though why would you want that?!)

And it really has nothing to do with whether you are loved or not…


But you can be loved and still fail at reaching financial independence because you simply did not do the work.


You may be part of a religious organisation that seems to elevate those who prosper as though they have some special connection with Spirit that you do not have…

But it is not true.

You are loved the same as they are…

You have a connection with Spirit just the same as any super-spiritual person…

The only question is “are you doing the work to build your business?”

To learn how to promote yourself and your thing?

Are you implementing that learning day in, day out?

Or are you trying to jump through hoops that you think Spirit has put there for you and missing the fact that you can be, do, have whatever you choose to be, do or have?

You simply have to choose it.

And allow yourself to receive it.

No hoops…

No pre-requisite rules…

Your vision is your permission…

Spirit will help you if you ask for help…

So, can we just settle this once and for all in your mind?

You are loved.

Now, simply choose to win

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to!

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