Love Yourself Again If You Choose To Prosper

How about you learn to love yourself again?

How about you learn to value what you have to offer the world?

How about you remember that you are a unique piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is this planet?

how about you remember that it is only as you are your true self, living to your true design that the planet is able to evolve?

Yes, honey, you are that important…

We forget, don’t we?

In the face of every day life, it can feel like we are just one of 7 billion people trying to get by on a planet that does not care whether we live or die…

We reach for meaning in all kinds of places but sometimes forget to simply look within to see the awesomeness that dwells within…

Familiarity has bred contempt

We think there is nothing special about the person we look at in the mirror

I keep coming back to a place of self-love…

Papa will not let me forget, thankfully…

Self-love allows me to prosper in a way that feels authentic to me because I refuse to do anything to hurt myself

I used to, though

I would stay stuck in jobs I hated because I thought I had to

That is not self-love

That was me, continually telling myself that my true design was worthless and to be squashed

That was me telling myself that who I really was, was not good enough to unleash on the world and to demand that I be paid for it…

There was no value in being all of me

Can you see how that is NOT loving to myself?

And then I would treat my body badly by eating too much gumpf, staying way too static, refusing to do anything that would simply make me happy because I was not worth the money

I did not say it in so many words but my actions spoke loud and my inner self was listening

Thankfully, I did place value on myself in other arenas where others do not fare so well…

Relationships – I placed too high a value on my body and my heart to let them be given willy-nilly to anyone

I am actually quite proud to say that I have only had the one sexual partner and I am married to him and at this moment, intend to keep it that way forever…

However, I know that not everyone can say that…

Maybe you do not even want to

No judgement from me, at all

All I care about is that you have loved yourself through all the ins and outs of relationships

And if not, how about choosing again to do so?

How about taking a moment, right now, to go look yourself in the mirror and simply tell yourself that you love you?

Do you not see that you cannot love anyone else until you truly love you?

Usually what unself-loving spirit-driven people call love, is simply manipulation cloaked as love…

You have not loved yourself so you do not feel loved…

But you hope that if you can get others to love you by doing all kinds of things for them and calling it service, then the hole in your heart will be filled.

But it never is

And then resentment starts to build up within you because no one is reacting towards you in the way you think they SHOULD

After all you are ‘serving’ them, right?

Laying down your life for them, right?

And you think it is their fault

But really it is just that you have not loved you, my love…

You have tried to find love in other people but it must first come from you

No one can give you what you alone must cultivate within

By leaning into Source

By choosing to value your self

How about you make a start on that now?

I have something for you…


It is a 28 Day Bootcamp To Love Yourself Into The Deliberate Design of A Purpose-Driven & FREEDOM Life You ADORE Waking Up To.

I wonder if you have ever experienced the silencing of your own voice because deep down, you think that you just do not have anything of value to say…

Well this is definitely for you

And for all the other areas where you have not been loving yourself…

This is for you…

Everything is explained on the page so do go take a look…

If you are willing to spend just 20 minutes a day doing simple journalling, self-reflection exercises then this is for you…

Much Amazing Love

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