Live Like You Believe In Yourself

Believe in the message you carry

Believe in the service you provide…

Believe in the person that you are


You wait for permission to be all of you

You wait for someone to tell you that you are certified to do all the things you dream of

But everyone else waits too

And no one has time to think only of you

Until you choose to believe in you

To persistently believe in you

Even when it seems like no one cares

Even when it seems like no one is listening

You can believe so much in what you have to say, who you are here to be, what you feel called to do…

And you can still show up and shine…


Knowing that those you are called to do life with, will hear you, will see you, will finally follow you…

Stop filtering yourself

Stop pretending to not know…

Take the limits off


Don’t talk about all the things you will do, one day when…

Believe in yourself enough to start today

Don’t wait to feel completely confident

Believe in yourself enough to START TODAY

Don’t wait for the voice from heaven

The voice spoke already

It is that vision within you

It is that cherished dream that you wonder if you can bring to life

It is that emotional response you feel when you see someone else doing what you dream of doing

Those things are real and they are signs

And surely you know by now that your vision is your permission

So no more dabbling…

Sticking just a part of you into the fray


Go all in!

And choose to believe in yourself

Let others think what they think

They are not living their dreams so why listen or think of them?


A choice you can make at any moment

Let that moment be now.

You are so blessed to live in this day and age

Take advantage of it

Share your voice

It does not matter how many others are doing it


Listen to that intuitive nudge telling you to…


Believe enough in what you have to speak, write, sing, create

And get on with sharing it with the world


Believe in yourself, will ya?

That power within longs to be unleashed


Believe in yourself.

Share Your Voice

The world needs us, the Deliberate People, to arise…

True prosperity is found as you believe in yourself and share your voice

Be at the front of the curve as the world changes and makes room for those who will dare to follow their calling, rather than just follow the broad path of the many who have sold their birthright for nothing much…





Are yours for the taking

If you will believe in yourself

And before you go, if you know you are born to make a difference in a bigger, bolder way and you want…

đź”´ Purposeful work that feels amazing and gives you an amazing income

đź”´ Intimate, fulfilling relationships

đź”´ A body that feels energetic and alive

đź”´ More Impact and financial independence

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight

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