The Old Must Die So That The New Can Rise

I was brought up mostly in a third world country…

And I learnt to think a certain way :-

 You worked your ass off for everything…

You had to protect your back because someone was always out to get you…

You were a victim of circumstances and all those people in the developed world had screwed you over and you had to work harder than all of them to get even a little bit of the pie.

Looking good to all the people around you was more important than feeling good on the inside

Emotions were weak and they needed to be stamped out NOW!

And I could go on…

I came to the UK, an angry, hardworking victim.

I pushed hard all the time, feeling I had to, in order to just get by…

I felt unworthy a lot of the time too though I hid that beneath more hard work, more pushing, more surreptitiously trying to be accepted and loved though NEVER showing my true self because everyone was out to get me.

The only way my higher self, the Divine, God, Universe (whatever you want to call it) could get my attention was when I finally threw my hands up in surrender, went bankrupt, got depressed, hit rockbottom…

I finally realised that I was fighting to keep a life I did not even want…

I have been spiritual my whole life – I knew deep within me that there was a more spiritual path that still led to success but in a more wholesome way.

But as I mentioned, emotions and all that woo stuff was to be stamped out or only used in private – It did not feel relevant to the regular world.

Finally I had to be willing to do something different.

No one could bring me to that point – I HAD TO CHOOSE 

I chose to grow when the pain of rockbottom hit me – I did not have to wait until then but I was not willing to die to the old me until I did not feel I had any other choice.

For me, dying to my old self looked like: –

A lot of inner healing

Mastermind groups


And lots of internal work, sitting on my awesome arse with a journal.

I say all this to YOU…

Because I see that you are finally realising that something has got to change

You have tried looking for all the push-button solutions

And maybe they helped for a little bit but here you are, empty, a little more broken and ready for something to change

Are you done with being passive about it?

Because I was OH SO PASSIVE for so very long…

Yes, I worked hard physically but inside, I was still buying into the nonsense and as I keep telling you, we are powerful beings and whatever we think, imagine, feel is what we create.

It is more potent than the work of your hands as you can see in your life…

I know you are not shy of hard work but look around you, do you like what you see?

You are literally gonna have to die to who you are being right now!

Are you willing?

Or you still want to wait until you hit a lower than low rockbottom?

Your choice, of course.

Grow through joy or grow through pain – What will it be for you?

Most humans choose pain, unfortunately…

Anyway, if you are finally in enough pain and/or ready to consider something new then let me share something with you 🙂

IMMERSION in a new way of thinking, being, acting – The Deliberate Life Method

It is about

🔴Reconnect to the Divine within in a meaningful way for you.  RE-mind yourself daily of your power

🔴Internal healing and shifting of beliefs and ways of thinking that no longer serve you

🔴Clarity about your true design

🔴Aligned action – not just any old willy nilly stuff that feels like you are doing something but actually is just busy work to avoid the real issues!

Connection, Clarity, Calling, Action.

I invite you to get 6 months free in the OPULENCE CIRCLE when you get your spot on THE QUANTUM LEAP

Come into the community

Together, we will kill off the old you and the old results, at your pace.

No one-stop-wonders here

I am proposing a willingness to be in the community for at least the 6 months bonus entry

Surely you are tired of push button solutions that never work.

Come into the circle

And you will awaken to a new you that gets more prosperous results in all areas of life.

I do not promise overnight change

It took you years to get here

But I do promise that it will come quicker now that you are choosing to be deliberate.

This is the place for you, if you are ready to change.

Join the program now and claim your 6 months free bonus entry to the circle at

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
the Prosperity Minister


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