Sometimes, we get so serious about everything…

Bills to be paid

Parents to be visited with

Children to be looked after

Serious work to be done

Relationships to maintain

Spiritual tickboxes to be checked off…

And so on

And we go about everything oh so seriously…

So much fear around whether the things we desire will come to pass…

So much anxiety about whether we are getting it all just right

We don’t want to miss out on anything

But all the fun is sucked out of life.


Stop trying to be so serious

Start trusting yourself again

Start going within and doing more of what brings you to life

GEt excited about your life again

Allow yourself to begin eliminating things that do not lift you up

Whether it is a person or a thing


I know that sounds callous if you are thinking about a person

But be honest, are you not fed up of feeling so drained every time you encounter this person?

Don’t you see that by saying ‘yes’ to this person or thing you are also saying ‘NO’ to you, your vision, your dream?

And can you not also see that it is as you live your purpose-driven dream life that you will be of most use to the planet?

Come on now!

Allow life to be fun again!

Just do things because you want to

Forget all the rules

Forget all the ways things MUST BE DONE!

Make a new way

Get EXCITED again

Man, when last did you really laugh?


When last did you just do something for the fun of it?

Whatever your situation, right now, you will not elevate until you allow yourself to enjoy life again

The worries, the trials are not going anywhere

You have been so serious about them for so long and they are still there so why not just find a way to change your way of looking at them?

One thing I do when faced with dire stuff is to consider the worst case scenario…

Consider it from all angles

Realise that there is a way to handle it all

And then I forget the thing

I put it to one side

I already know that worrying and stressing about it, ain’t working so why bother continuing?

I know I can handle the worst case so myeh… I get done with it stealing my joy

Yes, to begin with, I have to deliberately and repeatedly put it to one side until it STAYS there because yes, I am as tempted as the next person to pick up my ‘situations’ and stew and stew on it, IF I LET MYSELF!

I just do not let myself do it as much as I used to…


I do better, more creative things when I am not allowing my energy to be eaten up with worry so why bother worrying?

The solution will come out of my joy

It will come when I am having fun

It will come when I am doing more of what I love to do

Everything else just maintains the issue.

You get this one life (as far as you know)…

Why not let it be fun?

Go on, ask the Divine for an opinion, if you doubt me

Force yourself to do something fun today


Just let go of whatever you think you need to worry about

And go do something fun


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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight

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