Leaning On The Everlasting Arms

I remember times when I was a young girl at school, feeling alone…

Somehow, I got a hold of this song by a lady whose name escapes me



Safe and secure from all alarms



Leaning on the everlasting arms”

It was all about leaning into the Divine

Leaning on that safe foundation that can never be shaken

Feeling loved

Cared for

Fully supported

It was an exquisite feeling

Particularly when you were a super-young girl in a big school away from home and not sure that anyone really cared for you

I always knew that Papa did.

I did not always have the closeness that I now enjoy with Him but I KNEW that somehow, I was loved.

And I want to remind you of this today…

Life can get hairy

All kinds of things happening to pull you off course…

To make you feel alone


You think it is all dog-eat-dog around you and you are fighting with the toughest trying to stay on top…

Or maybe, you have given in and told yourself that everything is too much for ‘little old you’

Neither position is accurate

There is more than enough for everyone

And the universe fully supports you

I mean, seriously, EVERYTHING about this planet is here to support human life


And that is just from a practical level

How much more so when you reconnect with the Divine?

When you fully realise that you are a spiritual being having a human experience

And when you fully realise that nothing, NO THING, can ever separate you from love?


Lean in

Open up to the love that is seeking you out

Open up to the support that tries to get through to you

Stop listening to the lies and the conditioning that has built up over years of disappointments

It is okay to be vulnerable and to let the guard down

If you will lean in and trust, you will realise that you have never ever been alone

Right now, sit still with your feet firmly on the ground…

Close your eyes

And ask for peace

Just say…

“Peace, peace, peace, peace” repeatedly

And as you sit there in silence with the whispered words, notice what you hear, what you sense, what you see

Relax into it

Let the Divine connect with you

Let the Divine love you

Keep a record of what you see, sense, hear in your journal

Refer back to it whenever you feel yourself pulled away from this place of peace.

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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