Are you done with standing still?

Are you done with feeling stuck?

Are you done with searching for answers but never quite finding anything?

Are you done with feeling like the world is against you and everyone is refusing to tell you what to do next to achieve prosperity?

There is no secret, you know…

I was this person…

Stuck in the mud.

I thought I knew it all

I thought I had tried it all


I gave up for a while.

Stopped caring, stopped trying…

Just condemned myself to a ‘less than’ life as I could not seem to break free of my rut…

The crazy thing is, as I look back, people did try to help me…

Opportunities came for change

There is an abundant amount of information available on how to realise the dreams in your heart…

But I was sure I knew it all

And none of it worked

It was all for some other person

Some other ‘luckier than me’ person

Because I had tried everything and NOTHING WORKED


I was just hurting

Feeling broken

But I had not tried everything

Not for any length of time

Maybe 3 days, 5 days at a push and then I would be onto the next exciting ‘sure thing’

And I got tired…

Fed up



Suspicious of everyone’s motives

Scared to be stuck

Scared to move in case I got scammed

Scared to move in case I found out, for sure, that I was not up to the task…

And deep inside, there was this certainty that I was born for something more but I could not seem to get it.

Because I continually got in my own way…

I continually allowed self-doubt and fear to determine what I did next

I was sure I had tried it all

And nothing worked

But I was the only one refusing to work universal principles until they worked…

I was the only one refusing to put myself in a place to be encouraged and empowered to rise

I was the one with a full cup that I refused to empty so that I could receive new prosperity thoughts, principles, ideas…

Are you done with being the only one in your own way?

Are you done with being so sure that you know it all, even though you are not APPLYING it all?

To know and not to do, is the same as NOT KNOWING, honey.

Are you ready to BE the person who gets results?

Are you willing to lay down your pride so that you can allow in the increase?

Are you willing to do the internal and external work consistently, UNTIL IT TAKES?

The time will pass anyway so what else are you going to be doing?

Same as now?

Well, you can expect the same results.

If you are done with the pretending to know it all and you are ready to empty your cup and be receptive to new ideas, join me for the Simple 14 Day Miracle Experiment at  You can access it immediately with full expectation of a prosperity surprise within 14 days.   The first time I did this myself, I received £600 as a tax rebate on day 1 and then on day 4, I received a check in the mail as ANOTHER tax rebate of £1155.  I was in shock!  This kind of thing NEVER and I do mean NEVER happened to me.  I kept expecting them to send another letter asking for it back! Ha ha!

So, are you game?

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight

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