You Made Promises To Yourself – KEEP THEM! Do Not Chicken Out

Yes, you get afraid

Yes, it sometimes feels like you will never reach the goals you set

Yes, sometimes, it feels like you are deluded and dreaming a dream that you really should not dream


And despite all that, KEEP YOUR WORD TO YOURSELF

When you were not so shrouded in fear, you felt you needed to take certain actions…

You felt an intuitive nudge bubble up within you


Do not allow your current feeling of fear to determine what you do or do not do

Or else, you will keep getting what fear creates – NOT MUCH

Act like you said you would

Hold the faith like you said you would

Be more resilient than you even thought possible for you

Be even more relentless that anyone could ever expect

DO NOT GIVE IN just because it feels tough in this moment

You are bigger than that

Life has been tough before and you are still standing

Surely, your vision deserves all of your energy

Make a renewed commitment to yourself, right now that you will always show up for your dream

Make a renewed commitment right now that you will never give in

Commit to hold your focus on the desires of your heart

and never EVER Quit

Come on now, you know you are safe, loved and fully supported

This is not the end of the world

Whatever the negativity you are feeling, you can continually shift and change your thoughts until you shift the mood

Do not let it determine your life, my love


Stay the course


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Much Amazing Love

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