Keep It Simple, SHOW UP!

Sometimes, we get all befuddled in the head…

We think this life is complicated

We think there are many, MANY hoops to jump through

Our emotions cloud our judgement

And we go hunting for deep dark boogie men that are out to keep us down

And when we cannot find them, the media tells us that they are there so we still live in this quiet dread that soon, oh so very soon, something will come and lop off our heads and leave us for dead (or maybe I am exaggerating a bit!!!)

Whichever way, we play smaller and smaller as the years go by…

More and more scared of losing all our stuff

Of starting from scratch

Of being taken for fools

Of being hurt by the ones who love us

Of actually finding out that there is nothing good out there

And so we create these safety nets

That become jail cells

And all the joy is sucked out of life

And we become zombies just doing the same thing over and over…

Responding to the fear


Feeling trapped

Oh how dire it all sounds.

And yet, life could be simple again

Remember when you were younger and everything seemed possible

Before you became ‘responsible’ and kinda stuck in thinking the whole world was out to get you…

Before you got hurt a few times and decided that no one was ever to be trusted because ONE or TWO or maybe even FIVE people out of 7 billion peeps hurt you… ( I do not diminish your pain but can you see what I am saying?)

You wanted something

And you took action to go get it

Maybe sent a quick prayer to the heavens while you were at it

But it was all so exhilarating

All so exciting

Who knew what could happen next?!

A lot of times, nothing happened as you learnt to hold space for your big dreams…

Some of the times, EVERYTHING happened



What if you went back to that simple time?

Before you decided you had to grow up and be ‘serious’ while carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

This could be your one life, you know?!

Maybe you will come back.

Maybe you won’t

Who completely KNOWS?

What you do have is NOW!

What you do have is a universe that absolutely adores you and is primed for you to win if you will dare to show up persistently…

The only way to fail at anything in this awesome universe is to quit.



So, just decide that you will not quit.

That you will heal whatever needs to be healed

You will get clear on what you want

And you will simply keep going for it

Come what may

And that you will make the journey as much fun as you can, while you are at it

It could be that simple.

You do not have to get all negatively emotional or at least, you do not have to stay there long because there is always the next awesome experience coming towards you if you will just show up and keep moving forward.

I know I simplify it

And we humans, prefer it all to be super complicated

But just supposing EVERYTHING you desire is simply on the other side of YES said repeatedly and acted on repeatedly

What if life is really that simple?

I call you to the simple life

To the exhilarating life of discovering the power that is you

Come let us do life together, you and I, in the OPULENCE CIRCLE

Break free of the fear and the emotional trauma

Heal the past

Stop fighting for your limitations

Create a new life experience as you realise it is simply a case of making new choices

Lock in the #Project334k pricing of $2 a week or $9 a month for as long as you are a member

Opulence, Prosperity, Abundance, Freedom, Fulfilment Are your birthrights

Come and learn how to claim them

Show up for your life, will ya?

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister


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