Keep Correcting, Keep Shifting

Every moment of every day, you are creating

You are designing life

Keep correcting

Keep shifting

Get the picture of the life you deeply desire locked in your mind

And refuse to be swayed from it

Keep correcting

Keep shifting

Sometimes, you will think that no one ever had it as hard as you to keep your mind on the right stuff

And it is not true

Many have come from places of deeply believing that the good life is out of reach

And a few of these have chosen to change their minds

As many times a day as it takes

Whether a million times

Whether a hundred million times

So be one of the few

Stop listening to the crazy voice inside

The very voice you are choosing to shift

Stop listening to it, telling you to give up

Stop listening to it, telling you that it is impossible

THAT IS THE LIE, can’t you see?


Keep correcting

Keep shifting

Your mind is like a garden

You get to plant whatever seeds you desire in it

And Source comes along and provides the power

The power is neutral

It makes no assessments as to whether the seeds are weeds or plants/flowers

It just flows through and whatever is in that garden grows


So, please…

Keep correcting

Keep shifting

Stop planting weeds, honey

Plant only what you desire to see unleashed in your life

But also remember, do not beat yourself up for your imperfect thinking

YOu can still have more flowers than weeds, you know?!

So, as soon as you see yourself veering off the flower planting trail…



At some point, you will tip the scales in favour of the flowers and the weeds will be starved of nutrients and they will die of their own accord…

Do not add to the weeds by beating yourself up and feeling guilty about it

That would be silly and that continues to affirm the very things you do not want to affirm


Keep correcting

Keep shifting

Make it into a game

Make it into a fun challenge

How well can I think for the next 5 minutes?

How well can I think for the next 10 minutes?

Then stretch to 30, 60, 90 minutes…

Keep correcting

Keep shifting

And as you play the mind game

Listen for those intuitive nudges

As infinite intelligence seeks to bring your seeds to life

take the action proposed

And see life change

This is the deliberate design of life

Are you in?


So keep correcting

Keep shifting!

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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