Just Keep Taking The Next Step, OK?

I have felt deep shame…

Deep dark shame about where I was as a human…

I was supposed to be further along and yet, I felt stalled and I knew it was me, just me sabotaging myself

I have felt anxiety

Wondering if I would ever reach the goals I set for myself

Wondering if I was deluded for thinking I could

I have felt depression

Darker than dark depression as I considered briefly, a life that just stayed the same forever and ever

A life of trying and failing to win at the things I wanted to create

A life of putting on a fake smile when people asked how things were going with sympathy/pity in their eyes as they humoured your ‘dream’ but wondered why you just did not quit.

And through all of those dark times, I just kept taking the next step


I kept pulling my mind back to where I wanted it to be

Sometimes, it was harder to do

Sometimes, it took longer to do…

But I just kept plugging away at it


I kept asking for guidance and following the nudge…

Taking the next step

Over and over and over again

Though it felt pointless

Though I wondered whether it was time to quit and go do something simpler

I just kept walking and walking and walking

Sometimes pushing myself into a run

Almost against the voices in my conscious mind screaming at me to stop but in defiance, I RAN and RAN and RAN

Because to stop would be suicide…

Would I have been able to start again?

All the while, I saw the vision – I KEPT MY EYES ON THE VISION!

I still see the vision and it drives me

It compels me

I see my daughters

They drive me

They compel me

Yes, I have reached some heights

But I still see higher

Success can sometimes be a trap

Comfort, we all know, is a trap

And honey, I see you

Knowing you are born for more

Yet, feeling like you must settle for less

I exhort you to come on and STAY ON the narrow path

That vision inside of you is needed by the world

That big picture you have of your life is required by the world

It goes beyond just you and your fulfilment (though that is SOOOO important)

It is also about the people you impact just by being your very best self

You feel scared of the pain of transition

And yet, right now, are you happy?

Yes, I have felt depression, anxiety and shame and many many more deep dark things

But I now also feel pride at who I have become

Power that I can create anything I desire

Deep love that I get to serve more people in the way I always dreamt of

I would not swap my life for anything

I have more growing to do, for sure

And I imagine some of it might be painful until I learn to move through FAST!

And still, I KNOW I am one with the Divine now

I know I am a God Unit now


I can not return to that old sleep state I dwelled in

I call to you to RISE

You want to

You are not alone in this

Come, let us do life together


Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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