Your Joyous Right & Responsibility To Get Rich

You still think that it is optional…

You still think that you can go through life, moaning and groaning and being a martyr about what you do not have and wishing that things would just drop in your lap so that you can actually live a life of abundance with no effort from you…

You still think that it is just about you.

And the sad reality is that you think that you are being selfless when you live this crazy small life…

When you pretend to be less than who you are…

You don’t want to appear to be proud…

And so you downplay yourself…

YOU fit in…

You tell yourself silly things like you have to reduce so that God can increase or some other crazy thing that you say…

(As if huge, powerful God needs you to be anything other than you! He is not the one with the identity crisis, YOU ARE!)

You still do not get it.

You are powerful…

Abundance is your birthright…

And while you live a life of smallness and fear, you do not get to step into any of this…

You do not get to impact the people you are called to serve – Not in the way you are meant to!

You get to go to bed every night thinking that there is something you are missing and there is…

YOU! are what is missing.


So do what it takes to get rich on your own terms.

Figure out what you really want and then create space to make it happen.

Yes, it will feel tough at first because you are battling with old thinking of how selfish it is to think about money and doing things just because you want to.

And yet, it is your right to live abundantly, if you choose it!

You have to choose it though.

No one is going to force wealth on you!

You have to actually do what it takes to create it.  That is how you show willing.

And as you step into your right to be rich…


Yes, people go through a whole lot of hardships AND some of those people are yours to serve.

Please do not think that the people you are called to serve are incapable because they too are powerful enough to get on and create a great life for themselves but they are not listening here to me right now.  YOU ARE!

And your people will listen to you but you have to wake up first and get to work showing them what is possible by doing the work you are born to do, not settling for any old work that feels secure.

It is your responsibility as leader to do what it takes to get rich yourself and the only way you do that is by serving more peope than you currently are…

And in order for you not to get in your own way – You need to get rich ON YOUR OWN TERMS!

Not just by following some crazy ‘paint by numbers’ system that some person told you is the path to wealth.

You have to bravely follow your own path.

Do you understand the power within you?

There can be no more excuses.

What do you want?

What, in the dead of the night, do you dream about doing?

How do you want to impact and change people’s lives?

What is that thing that you keep telling yourself you cannot do until you have a bit more experience, until you hear the word from the Lord, until you are ‘ready’?

What is it?

That is the very thing you need to get to doing NOW, not later.

Abundance is your birthright, if you choose to step into it…

Abundance is also your responsibility because it just might make a few more people wake up to the power and potential within them and honey, surely you can see that the world needs people to wake up!

And it starts with you!

It starts with you finding the courage to do the work you feel called and BORN TO DO!

Life and Life in abundance can be yours.

Why would you not step into it?

Why would not do whatever it takes to claim it?

Why would you keep telling yourself to settle for much less than that?

Don’t you see that what you allow will always continue?

Abundance in all areas… ALL AREAS! is your right and your responsibility.

Nothing is more sacred than anything else – You only make it so by your flawed thinking.

Dare to question those old beliefs…

Dare to rise up!

Dare to demand from life that which you feel called to…

If you don’t, who will?

What on earth do you keep waiting for?

Time is tick, tick, tocking away as you dither and procrastinate about stepping into your fullness as leader and deliberate millionaire.

The world awaits your awakening!

It is time to step up, warrior!

To become the champion you are born to be…

To do the work you are best designed to do…

To believe it is absolutely possible to live life on your terms…

Those books, music, ministry, products, services will not design and sell themselves, you know?!

They are waiting on you to do what it takes to realease them onto the marketplace…

Get on it!

Get on it now!

Getting rich is both a right and a responsibility!


You just have to choose to do it.

Make that choice today, will you?

The world awaits your awakening.

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