No, you are not her…

No, you are not him…

You are YOU and that makes you unstoppable!

Because no one is quite like you…

No one has the ideas in your brain…

No one can help people the way you want to help them…

No one has the same, exact way of seeing the world that you do!

The only problem is that you are not telling enough people about you!

You do not see the awesomeness inside of you because you have always lived with you and so as the saying goes “Familiarity breeds contempt”

And so you have stopped looking at yourself with wonder, instead you look to others as gods and think they have it all going on when really all they are doing is owning their own greatness.

Why don’t you do the same?

Is it because you don’t trust yourself not to make another mistake?

Your mistakes are forgiven – Let them go…

They were a part of your journey anyway so stop sweating it…

Nothing about you is wasted so again, stop looking at your flaws and thinking that that somehow cuts you out!

They do not!  They make you EXACTLY the person with the EXACT right message for the people you are called to serve!

Except… you need to believe it!

You, my honey, need to believe in you again!

You need to get back in touch with the Divine and act on the intuitive nudges that come up within you!

You need to drop the fear about failing or even about succeeding and just act from a place of love, KNOWING that there is nothing too much for you to deal with!

Start communicating!

Write them blogs about whatever bubbles up within you…

Write those books that you really do want to write…

Do those videos and deliver the message that your people need to hear…

Tell them, tell them, tell them how you can support and serve them…

Build an audience of people who want to work with you because they love what you are about and what you have to say…

Practice those speeches on livestreams…

Deliver them with power!

Never back down!

Do not let the darkness win you over!

Keep pushing towards the light, leader!

Do this consistently, everyday and build a tribe of people who want to hear from you!

And you do this because you firstly believe enough in yourself to keep showing up even on the days when no one seems to be listening, you keep showing up anyway!

You trust the power of the message within you!

And then you capture them deeper into your world…

You build a mailing list where you can cultivate deeper relationships as you inspire, educate, motivate and entertain people in your own unique way.

And you tell them EXACTLY what to do to get deeper in with you!

You package your services together in different ways and you offer, offer, OFFER them…

And you keep telling them in different creative ways…

You tap into your inner confidence and creativity and you OWN the fact that YOU have something that can help them and so you never ever back down from telling them.

Yes, some will think you are too much and they will back out of the community but they were never your people anyway…

You just want those that are yours to serve.

That is it!

So polarise all the rest!

And fully tap into Source and deliver the message within you!

You are called to impact so many people, leader…

Do not let the fears derail you!

Do not let the current feeling of despair stop you!

Keep showing up!

Stop comparing yourself to anyone else!


And deliver it on the world!

Deliver it, deliver it, LOVE YOUR PEOPLE!

Love them more than your fears…

And deliberately show up powerfully!

Put your fears down to one side and choose to move forward past them.

You are spirit-driven entrepreneurial leader and nothing, NOTHING is allowed to stop you!



Much Amazing Love

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