It Has Always Been You vs You. You always win. But… What Are You Winning At?

I woke up to the tune of a song I love, in my head…

It has a line “I am on the winning side”

And it was going on and on in my head and suddenly, I had a flash of insight…

There is no winning side…

It is all a winning side

The only battle there has ever been, is between me and me

Will I allow myself to win at what I want, or win at what I don’t want?

I grew up believing in devils and evil spirits and black magic and such…

There always seemed to be a battle raging on somewhere in the unseen realm, that I was a victim of…

Would God win this time, or would the powers of darkness?

Nail biting suspense as I waited to see if good things would happen to me or bad stuff…

On the one hand, I claimed to believe in an all-powerful God but at the same time, I was scared of this all-powerful dark force that certain people could wield against me…

At least, so it was in Nigeria

When I came to the UK, though no one was expected to actively wield dark juju, there was this feeling of being victim to the prince of this world – Satan – who could somehow keep you from good things and your destiny and such…

And also, he was always in battle for your soul because he wanted you in hell for all eternity as he had been cast there himself and so he wanted as many people to come with him as possible…

Now, as I type it up, it feels quite crazy but I believed it completely…

And it gave me excuses not to LIVE!

If there is this dark horrid force out there, trying actively to take me down then a lot of my life needs to be spent keeping myself clean so that he could not get his hooks in me…

Which meant that I was not really living…

Not really striding forward…

I was spending time trying to prevent myself being taken backwards!

None of this was conscious, of course…

I was passively allowing my life to be spent on these pointless and completely made-up battles…

The only freaking battle was the one I was creating in my own mind…

One that allowed me not to actively pursue my visions and dreams…

Finally, I woke up


I had been the only thing in my own way


It was ALWAYS me vs me!!!!

Nothing else

And if there was any black magic that someone could wield against me, it is simply because I believed that they could…

I had allowed group mind to influence me and scare me into submission

Now I see that there is only ONE power…

And it flows through each one of us…

Yes, people can powerful misuse this power when they realise their true divinity and I guess they can use it to decree evil over someone else, if they want to…

BUT it will only work if the person being spoken against believes that something, someone is more powerful than they are


Even one that harms us, if we want.

But do we want that?

Or is it just passivity that allows us to continue to buy into old stories of being a victim of anyone else?

I saw the passivity in my life and I opted out of that

I got deliberate

I question anything that makes me feel victimised

Is it really that that person can do something to hold me back, or is it simply that I am being passive and weak and wimpy in allowing myself to buy into a sad story?

And this is true whether we are talking about black magic or just plain old every day issues of people thinking that something is kept from them because of race, background, religion, financial status, WHATEVER…

There is no battle out there

There is no winning side to try to get onto

There is just you and your beliefs (thoughts that you keep thinking)


In any environment, there are those who feel constrained and those who don’t

IN THE VERY SAME ENVIRONMENT, some prosper, others tell stories of why they cannot.

The only battle, my love, is the one between your ears.


Handle it

CHOOSE to focus more on what you DESIRE, not what you don’t!

Stop fighting imaginary battles with forces outside of your control


No one can keep your good from you

You simply need to be bold enough to claim the best of everything internally, as in, truly allow yourself to believe you can have it.

And then take action towards it EVERY SINGLE DAY

No waiting for permission or approval or waiting for the devil to back down or whatever

No more prayer (begging and pleading) required…

No more waiting for another sign from the Divine


Nothing is withheld from you, except that which you withhold from yourself.



Because there is simply no other possible result.

There is one side


Stop fighting yourself and keeping your own awesome self from your good


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Much Amazing Love

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