Is Success A Done Deal? Or is it still up for debate?

Well, is it?

Have you set your mind on what you are going to get, come hell or high water?

Or is it still up for debate?

Or dependent on what the weather is doing?

Or what some relative said?

Or whether your children are older or not?

Or whether your parents are still alive or not?

Or whether you feel good today?




Is your success dependent on some external thing?

Or have you already in your head decided that you are going to make those millions and impact those millions, WHATEVER COMES YOUR WAY!

You tell me you want a ‘Because I want To’ life in one breath and then you pull back to think, think, filter and think some more!

What nonsense!

Are you committed or not?

Are you absolutely CERTAIN that it is happening?!

So much so that any temporary hardship or fears or doubts are just that… TEMPORARY?!

I mean when I finally stopped dabbling at business and committed, I invested $10k in my education because I KNEW that that money was coming back!


I did not KNOW HOW it was going to come back…

I did not KNOW WHEN it would come back…

But I KNEW it was coming back with INTEREST!


I was going to milk every little advantage I could out of the program I had bought…

And I have gone on to invest what most would consider an incredible amount in myself since then…

‘I cannot afford it” is just not an option!

“HOW CAN I AFFORD IT?!” is the question I ask over and over again…

And others around me (when I was still asking for opinions!), were like, “I would never do that…”

“I would never spend that money on my learning”

“That is silly! That is irresponsible”

And guess what they were really saying – “I do not believe I will succeed.”

“I do not believe it is possible for me to make that money back”

And if that is the case, if your failure is a done deal then hey, you better act on that thought, I suppose and just stop reading this now…

I got my money back with interest…

I GET my money back with interest!…

And if you are CERTAIN that your success is a DONE DEAL because simply you will not quit until it is so…

Then honey, you are on the right track…

You are who I am speaking to…

And I welcome you to the ‘DELIBERATE LIFE’…

For people like us, who KNOW we are born to prosper in all areas

And I invite you to explore the deliberate life with one or more of these following options

1) Grab my book, for free — PRAY. AFFIRM. RECEIVE — how to get clear, stay clear and take action to get what you want out of life —

2) Come to THE DELIBERATE LIFE GATHERING — There is always one happening in the near-ish future — Let us meet live, in-person —

3) Join The DELIBERATE SUCCESS IMMERSION INCUBATOR — For spiritual people who KNOW they are born to prosper —

4) If an entrepreneur/creative, join the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE FAST TRACK CLUB for daily step-by-steps and daily support in getting your work into the world —

Yep, I know the done thing is not to mention more than one option. I get it, the confused mind says NO and I normally would not…

However, I am speaking to people who have decided that success is a DONE DEAL, to leader of leaders and frankly, if a little confusion is going to stop you from getting what you need to propel yourself forward, then you are not who I thought you were and that is okay.

Pick one, pick more than one, make a choice, ask the qustions you need to ask to decide (PM me)…

And let’s deliberately design the life you are born to live…


Much Amazing Love!


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