If only you knew how powerful your thoughts were…

You would not indulge another negative one again.

If only you knew just how potent your emotions were…

You would be careful to feel only happy, only joyful, only peace.

If only you knew how creative your imagination was…

You would never indulge a picture of woe again…

But you don’t know

Or you forgot.

And you think it does not matter…

You think you hardly matter

You see yourself as just a number trying to get by…

Trying to survive the tides and trials of life…

With moments of intense happiness as you consider your calling

And then disappointment as you feel helpless to bring it all to life…

And then you open your eyes on a Monday morning and you just get on with life

Feeling like this must be it

Wondering where all your dreams are gone

Wondering if your real life will ever begin

Wondering if you will ever be free

Free of the relationships that disempower you

Free of the work that drains you

Free to be all you deeply desire to be

You wonder where your youthful vitality is gone…

And you forget that you create it all

You forget that the Divine awaits your awakening

You tell yourself that you have no choice but to keep doing what you do

And you keep creating it because even though you think it is happening to you…

It is not.

Your thoughts and emotions are creating the illusion that you have no choice

And it takes faith to break loose of that concept

Especially since you have attracted to you people that feel the same as you

And so it feels really truly like this is all there is

But there is more, honey…


If you will open your eyes

If you will dare to break free

If you will dare to simply believe the thought inside of you that says there is more to me than this

And you choose to put yourself in a place where that ‘more’ can be cultivated and developed…

Come on! YOU KNOW you want more

And you, my dear, are the source of all the prosperity you desire

You are the source of all your abundance

You, Connected to the Divine, to all that is, to GOD, are the source of everything you desire to create

So wake up


You NEED you to wake up

The world also awaits your awakening

Stop being taken in by the illusion


If you only knew how powerful your thoughts, imagination and emotions were…

IF you only knew.

I invite you to join me for JOY


It is time to tap back into your personal power

It is time to charge up your desires with joy

It is time to KNOW what is possible when you choose to walk around with JOY

And frankly, it is time to just be happier, don’t you think?


Dare to come.

Dare to do something different for you

Come immerse yourself in JOY


Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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