I am doing everything they are doing… Why am I still not getting the result I want?

Show up in business

So, you decided on a business, picked out your products and/or planned out a service that you are well versed to deliver.  And then you went to work researching what other successful business owners in your niche do.  You may have even worked with a business coach in a group trying to glean everything you need to succeed.

And you are doing it all.

You have the blueprints, the strategies, the formulas and EVERYTHING and yet, the result is not coming to you.

Nothing seems to be working the way you imagined it.

Nobody is paying you any attention in the marketplace and you wonder if you should give it all up as a bad job as nothing is working at all!

So, you try harder or if you are a ‘norm’, you quit.

But what if it is not the work that is the problem, what if you are missing the key thing that will get you the result you want and in fact, you are dampening it down because you think you need to rigidly follow the rules others have set out for you.

What is the magic?

It is you!

You are the magic.  Your specific thoughts, your specific way of putting things across, your uniqueness, the message you carry – that is what you are missing.

By trying so hard to follow all the rules and do the work as all the gurus tell you to do, you are filtering out the thing that will make you stand out – YOU!

The problem of course, is that you think that you need to hide yourself.  You hope that the product, service will sell itself but in this world of social media where everyone is connected, you cannot do that any longer.  I am not even sure that it ever really worked unless you had an abundance of money to throw at an advertising campaign.  Even in days gone by, people connected with people.  You had your local shopkeeper who knew everyone in their locality and so people chose to go to the shop because they like the keeper.

Same as now, whatever you are selling, the chances are that others – A LOT OF OTHERS – are selling it too. And so, the only way for you to stand out is for you to share yourself with your marketplace and build an audience around who you are as a person and then you offer them your thing because now they are more open to buying it at the right price for them.

Yes, you must do the daily work of promoting yourself as you learnt from your coach or wherever, but then you take it one step further and give it life by injecting your personality into the mix.


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And also, no more whining 🙂 Get to work!

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