How To Use Other People’s Groups or Forums To Expand Your Reach

Groups and forums

Building an online business is just the same as building a business offline though for whatever reason, people seem to think that it is different, easier, somewhere to hide, an easy way of doing things while bring up your kids and waiting to go back to work etc etc!

And so because it is the same, you need to meet and connect with people and build relationships.  No, you cannot keep hiding behind a screen, hoping that people will discover you … somehow!  You actually need to reach out and make contacts with them and social media is a great way to do that without spending lots of money just on advertising.

Let’s talk Facebook and LinkedIn and Google Plus – these all have groups of people who have willingly put themselves into a group and shown interest in whatever the group is about and yiuo can now treat them like you would treat real people at a networking event becuse, well, they are REAL people.

Here are a few ideas for you and if you want to go deeper then come join me in the Facebook Advanced training at

1. Be friendly

I know it seems obvious but if you walk straight into a group only thinking about what you want them to do for you or even if you have the intention of being slimy to get attention then you will not be the person people want to refer to others or to be friends with.  Be social and like, comment, share things that you actually like and do not see everyone as a lead, see them as a person instead wih needs, wants etc.

2. Figure out how you can serve them

The more people you serve, the more money you make…  That is a law of life but it works without you being that crazy person whose only focus in on the money.  Desperation does not sell so don;t come across desperately.  Instead, have at the top of your  mind the idea that you can potentially help people in the group get what they want and where you can, do it.

3. Make sure your profile is fully filled out

Make sure that if people do get interested in what you are up to that it is fairly easy form your profile to discover what you are up to.  MAke sure there are links to your presence on the web and and social media business pages you have.  Make it easy for people to get in touch with you to enquire abotu your business.

4. Time it

It is time-consuming to be an active part of an online group but you still have to do the work of buildign yoru business.  Do not become one of those people who knows all the gossipr.  Be intentional about your activities in groups.  No point attracting people to your business but being too busy to help them becaus eou are off to find the next person.  Discipline yourself to make sure you are actually building relationships, not just lurking and whiling away the time.

5. Ask people how you can help them.

Be proactive in asking how you can assist people.  Again, make sure you are not slimy with it.  Just ask the question and see what comes back.

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