How To Start My Own Business On The Internet

Start Your Own Business On the Internet

This is a response to a question that came into my inbox this morning from a new subscriber and I just knew that it was the kind of thing a lot of people want to know.

You see and hear all these stories of people making millions and changing their life on the internet and so yes, you want a piece of the pie.

And it seems like one simple question and it kinda is, but there are a lot of moving parts to this although the simplest answer can be summarized to ‘start – JUST START!’  But that alone probably does not help you because it can feel confusing and full of hidden secrets to success that you think everyone else has, except you.

And yet, really, business is business whether you do it on the internet or offline. 

There are a few straightforward things to do – Sell something for more than it costs you to provide it.  And I would add to that the concept of selling something you actually believe in and something that makes you come alive.  After all, you are going to invest a lot of your energy into it, so why not enjoy the journey?

Anyway, here is what I told this lovely subscriber (after I said, “START!”)

  1. Decide what you want to sell – You or a product (your product or someone else’s product)

  2. Set up website (wordpress or shopify, depending on what you are selling)

  3. Set up Facebook page and start posting 5-8 times a day

  4. Start writing a blog post at least twice a week and promote it on Facebook page and everywhere else you can think of.

  5. Put together a free giveaway (lead magnet) that in some way links to the product being sold and offer it in return for your prospect’s contact details

  6. Set up somewhere to store collected contact details like Aweber or manually use a spreadsheet (It would be best to automate)

  7. Start inviting people into your community on Facebook and then onto your mailing list (or directly to the mailing list) by offering them the lead magnet.

  8. Network, network, network – online and offline (If purely, an internet business then join FB groups, LinkedIn Groups, relevant forums where your chosen prospects are hanging out and share your wisdom as well as tell them what you are up to)

  9. Send out an email at least twice a week to your ever growing mailing list and invite people to buy your product, service, opportunity

And that is the simplest way to explain it!  (Although, every time, I look at the list, I think of something else to add to it.

Ultimately, you are building an audience, sharing what you are about and inviting them to buy so that can get as complicated or as simple as you want it to be.

OK, so you can take that and run with it or maybe you want a bit more support (I would say that that would be wise!) – In which case, pop on over to http://rosemarynonnyknight. com/dmlifetime and see how I can support you in getting things off the ground.

Fight for, create the life and the business you want!

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