How To Market My Business When I Have Very Little Money.

How To Market My Business When I Have Very Little Money.

Most people seem to think that they need huge wads of money when starting out in their own busness and frankly, that is a lie of a lazy mind. I hate to draw this to your attention but could it be that you are suffering form this affliction because if you are, you may as well face it head on and do something about it.

Will you?

I certainly hope so and I do apologize for sounding so harsh but I find that a sudden shock is preferable to gentle hints if you want real change.

After all, we are all aware that people crete wealth with very little money so why do you continually use money as a crutch, a reason not to build your business.

Please enough of the nonsense and decide to wake up to what you can do with or without money. Money does tend to stifle creativity because eyou think you can pay your way out of everything but you know that you can’t right? Or are you still dreaming it.

Anyway, enough of telling you off.

Let’s consider what you can do.

MAJOR TIP For marketing Your Business When You Have No Money

Write and speak a lot instead

Everyone wants to be a writer until they have to do it for their business and then all of a sudden, they forget how to write, how to sound interesting and they stop coming up with great ideas.

Well, honey, you are going to have to get past that because one of the key ways to market your business whether you have a lot of money or not is to write and speak and maybe even use graphics a whole lot of the time.

And here is why…

Your words can keep working for you even while you sleep

Write a piece of content once and share it everywhere and all day and night, others can consume it. How cool is that! Each piece of content you create becomes an ambassador for you.

Your words are likely to generate better leads

Everyone wants to go the easy way and pay for all their leads but when you have been in business for any length of time, you start to realize that the leads that are bought with no prior contact with you are harder to convert. You are better off having people choose to work with you based on the content you create. As long as that content sounds like you then the people that choose to come to work with you already understand what you and your business are about and they come because they like it and you.

It is so much easier to work with people who like you, isn’t it?

Rather than warm up a fairly cold prospect, spend all your time working with people who have read some of the content of your brain and love you already.

The trouble of course is that you just want any lead a lot fo the time and so you settle for not doing the real work to generate warm prospects and they will only ever come through hearing you speak, reading what you write, ultimately by being sucked into yoru world.

So, write, write, write a whole lot of content and set it free and see what it does for you.

If you want more tips on growing a business that generates more leads who convert more easily to buyers, pop over to

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