How To Get Success In Business When You Have Never Done It Before

Success in business

Most people have been brought up to expect to get a good job and work until retirement and then maybe, get the opportunity to enjoy life and do what you will.  And maybe that is enough for most but if you are reading this, then maybe it is no longer enough for you.

Once upon a time, I was a pharmacist and I thought that would be the pinnacle of my working life and that I would get to do fun stuff on my time off, you know – the evenings and the weekends but then I suddenly woke up and realised that spending more of my time doing things for other people when my own dreams were dying in the corner somewhere was not actually the life I wanted and so I changed things.

And here is a process you can follow too, even if you have never done this before…

1. Define What Success Looks Like To You

I cannot lie to you, being in business is not the easiest thing on the planet to do but when the fruit of your labour is birthed, it is sooo worthwhile and that is the hope we work towards.  However, you have to get from here to there and so you need to KNOW what you are working your butt off for.

Do you know what success would look like to you?  And do you know why it is important to you to make it happen?  You need to know the what and the why of it or else you will not do it.  You will start to look longingly at your simpler life where you just did your work and went home and forgot about this business idea.

So, take a moment EACH DAY, and do this 3 minute exercise

2. Who Wants What You Have?

Now, it may be knowledge, experience, skills or it may be a product…  Whatever it is, think to yourself, who is most likely to want what you have and where are they hanging out at the moment.  Most people are online somewhere.  Can you be where they are?  You need to start figuring out how you will connect with an audience. Do not delay the building of an audience because they are the ones who will buy from you and the sooner you start warming them up to you, the more likely they are to buy form you when you are ready to sell something.

So YES!, I am telling you to build an audience even before you are absolutely sure who will buy what you have to offer!  Go now, set up a Facebook page if your people are on Facebook and frankly, I think EVERYONE’s people are on Facebook so it is a cost-effective place to start.  Do an advert for about $10 a day for page likes – Target your people and start inviting them to your page and start putting content on there that makes them click the ‘like’ button.

3. Set up a website/blog

If you feel it will be a product, use Shopify

A service? Use WordPress or you can combine the both.  Blog on WordPress and have a link to your store on Shopify.  Whatever you like.  Just pick one.  And then write a blog or more and start to fill out the content on the site.  This is a place that people will look for you first and foremost.  We all do searches on the person we are about to buy from and your people will search for you too. So, put some great content on there so that when they find you, they like what they see.

And then also, make sure your site has a facility to collect people’s contact details and a reason for them to give it to you.  If you look over my site, you will see that there are a variety of ways to ask people for their contact details in return for something of value to them.  Do the same.

4. Now Sell Something

And finally, as you collect people details, store them in a spreadsheet or connect with a place like Aweber so that you can send out automated emails as well as broadcast emails on the fly to everyone who chose to subscribe to your business.

Offer them something in line with the reason they signed up.  Some will buy, some will not and some will unsubscribe – That is normal.  Keep inviting people to join the list and keep inviting people to buy your stuff.  Do not make your emails only about selling something – Make them informative, sometimes point your people in the direction of your blog posts, make them entertaining and useful and always offer something for sale.

I know this seems simplistic and it really is but the thing is, business itself is straightforward.  However, you will have to find a path that works for you and this is the barebones of everything you need to do to create success in business.

Begin and THEN fill in the gaps with more of the articles on this site as well as by simply asking the next question and taking the action on that step. and then when you come to the next question, you ask that question and you take that step.

If you stay on path and you keep moving forward towards your goals, you will get there a lot faster than you thought you could.  Just keep moving forward.  Don’t get distracted looking for magic bullets, ok?

Stay on path and keep taking the next step.

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