How To Get More Customers/Clients Now

Get More Customers & Clients

It is the lifeblood of every business to be able to continually generate leads and get more customers over and over again. You must learn how to consistently market in a way that feels good to you and gives you great results. Here are five ideas to help you make it so…

1. Communicate Clearly Your Service

You may be selling Reiki but they are buying relaxation, relief from whatever symptom, a feeling that they are getting better…

You may be selling hair care treatments, they are buying ‘my boyfriend will think I am the prettiest in the room’, ‘I can get away from the kids for an hour or so’…

No one is buying a reading, they are buying certainty about their future, contact with a loved one…

What are they buying? Communicate clearly how your service gives them what THEY want to buy!

2. Give Away Great Ideas

Do not be afraid to give away your best ideas and concepts within social media groups, online forums, blog posts, your social media profile, business pages, newsletters etc. Set yourself up as an expert by sharing useful, entertaining, inspirational, educational information.

Lead with the free content and as you set yourself up as an expert, you get the right to charge more to the people who come wanting to avail themselves of your service.

Understand that your ideal customers will still want to use your service anyway because they recognise that they cannot do it alone.

And whichever way, your marketing and business promotion becomes something that changes your prospect’s life…

3. Be An Expert & Give Great Results

Be sure that you can actually give great results, okay? Spend some time refining your art/your service/whatever…

This will help you with tip 2, as well. Read books, attend seminars, do continuing professional development and implement all that you learn. Do not be a learner unless you are planning to be a doer as well. Refine and improve the results you give your customers.

4. Ask For That Sale

Never assume people know the next step. Tell them how to work with you, get on the phone with them, tell them the price and book them in. Be a leader and lead them into working with you…

5. Be Consistent

Keep doing the work daily. The ‘stop-start’ thing has just gotta stop. You must show up daily in your business and help it to continually grow and grow and grow.

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Rosemary Nonny Knight was once a pharmacist and then decided to create a profitable business doing what she loves which enabled her to leave work. She also teaches other professionals and entrepreneurs to make the same shift.

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