You are looking in the wrong place, my love…

You are looking at the physical and thinking that nothing ever works for you

You are allowing it to mean something

You are allowing it to mean something bad

and you are getting frustrated

And angry

And upset

Wondering when the tide will turn in your favour

Wondering when it will be your time

And you need to know that, in the darkness, the seed you planted is taking shape

The vision you are seeking to create is being formed

Go within

Connect to Source

See through your spiritual eyes, rather than your very limited physical ones


Of course, it is working!

Don’t you realise that the answer to every prayer is YES?

That every request is answered as soon as it is asked?

All you need to do is hold on.

Stay aligned with your vision

Keep seeing it in your mind’s eye

Keep taking physical steps towards it as guided by the intuitive nudge

Refuse to buy into the physical illusion

Live more from the inner vision you carry

It is on its way in an even bigger, bolder, more expansive way than you could have pictured


People around you may wonder if you are crazy for believing that what you want is absolutely done

People who love you may wish that you would just come back to the normal world and smell the roses and stop living with your head in the clouds!

But you KNOW what I am telling you is true…

You feel the truth of it in your soul

IF YOU WILL NOT QUIT, then you will win

And it does not have to be a hard slog to the finish line

When you really think about it, if you were not getting super emotional and scared about it, you would realise that it is simply little actions, taken regularly until the full manifestation of what you desire comes through…

That is all

One step then the next

Stop trying to figure it all out

Stop trying to see where everything will come from

Trust that you are loved, safe and fully supported and that somehow it will work

And guess what?!

It will!


Not in passive way

Keep the vision clearly in your mind’s eye

Take the steps towards it

That is the deliberate design of a life


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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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