Hold On! The Good You Seek Is Making Its Way Swiftly To You

Don’t you dare stop?

You hear me!

Don’t you dare give up?

Or quit?

You are born to experience amazing things, if you will keep showing up…

Yes, I KNOW how disheartening life can sometimes seem…

I KNOW what it feels like to be enveloped in fear and wondering if you will ever breakthrough


Because the good you seek is making its way swiftly to you…

You do your part and you keep doing your part.

It ain’t hard!

The emotions make it hard

The thought that you are wasting time, makes it hard

the thought that you are not cut out for prosperity in the way you desire it, makes it hard

The thought that the world is out to get you, makes it hard

The thought that you are alone in the universe, makes it hard

But can you not see that these are all thoughts…

Thoughts that lead to emotions of fear, worry, anxiety, pain…


You could as easily decide that the life you desire is a done deal and you just keep moving forward towards it.

You can do that too, you know?!

And then you would have thoughts of..

“Of course, I always win…

Of course, good things always happen to me

That is just a blip, the life I desire is Absolutely happening for me now.

Of course, there are good people in the world and they go out of their way to support me

Of course, I am powerful enough to create an amazing life experience for myself and my family

OF COURSE! everything works out for my good

It is always easy for me!

I am so loved and fully supported by the universe – I feel GREAT!

What on earth was I ever worrying about, It all just works for me”

You can think those thoughts and more like it and guess what?!

Your emotions would follow suit too

And make the whole journey so much easier.

Because you would KNOW, ABSOLUTELY KNOW that whatever showed up in your life, it was only a matter of time for the physical manifestation of all your good.

Yes, I know there will be those around you, who think you live in la-la-land

Let them keep their sad life, if they want it

You just keep moving forward

You stop listening to their nonsense

You put yourself in an environment where you are surrounded by people who dream big (Come join my Miracle Online Club on Facebook – Go get a FREE Digital copy of my FREEDOM book at RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/freedombook, join the 14 day miracle experiment and you will be granted entry)

You do whatever you need to do to elevate that thinking of yours

And Honey, YOU WIN!

the end.

There is no option but for you to win.

Whatever you decide on, IS ABSOLUTELY YOURS…

If you truly make the choice to make it so.


Because the good you desire is swiftly making its way to you…

Are you ready to receive it?

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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