Here’s How You Get Everything

Here's How You Get Everything

I see you walking by, with your metaphorical head all hanging low…

I see you trying to fade into the background…

I see you hoping and praying that someone will notice and tell you what to do next…

I see your shoulders drooping downwards as you walk past me…

But for a second there, I caught a glimpse of you with your dream book out (real or imagined)  and you were telling yourself all about the things you were going to make happen while you were on the planet.

And for a second there, you seemed confident that you could do it but then the moment passed, you remembered that you were just you and the droop came back and the head hung low and I sensed you giving into feelings of fear, self-doubt and a lack of self-worth.

And honey, you keep doing this.


And for what?

For being alive?

For being who you are?

Don’t you understand that all that stuff is good?

Don’t you understand that everyone feels this way sometimes but the successful ones, the ones who you quietly admire just get on with claiming their awesome anyway?

They feel what you feel but they refuse to let it affect whether they take the next move or not.

They refuse to let it tell them what they really are worth…

They refuse to let some crazy voice from the past and/or made up of a weird blend of experiences that did not matter then and do not matter now, determine who they choose to be, what they choose to do and all that they have determined to have NOW IN THEIR PRESENT.

YOU are not unique in feeling a little weird for wanting so much but if you do not get over the crazy voice in your head, you will never claim the life that you want.

A life, a business that you absolutely adore.

Only the most courageous warriors claim it and you can choose right now to be that person.

Will you?

You think courage is feeling no fear at all and that is a fallacy, I am sorry to say.

Courage is moving despite the feeling of fear.

Courage is the refusal to let fear be the determining factor of your life.

Courage is what will determine how spent you feel at the end of your life.

This is the thing – In order to get the dream life that you want so badly, you just have to DECIDE that you are going to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get it regardless of how you feel.

THE WAY YOU FEEL IS NORMAL!, can I tell you again?

You have spent too long, apologizing for your existence and staying trapped in a life that is okay but nowhere near all that you want to have and you get to choose the day that that stops being your story.

You have to get bold enough to decide exactly what you want…

Bold enough to ask for it publicly even when you think all your friends, relatives and random social media stalkers think that you want too much.  If you do not do that, if you keep waiting for the permission to come, then honey, you will never have it.

Others are waiting for someone to come rescue them as well and they are dying every single day in their folly.  They thought they had to be told that now, this moment, was their time to shine…

They thought they wanted too much…

They thought they should be satisfied with an okay existence…

But there was never a need to wait.

The person they were waiting for, was busy either living their life or waiting for someone else to give them permission.

You have to get bolshy about the fact that you are entitled to a great life.  It does not happen by chance.

It happens because you claim it.

It happens because you refuse to back down even when you think you are deluded.

The deluded ones change the world.

Join them!

Your great life is there for the taking but you are not taking it and honey, you are wasting time.

HAven’t you wasted enough time?

I certainly did and now, I am sooooo done with that.

So done with the waiting, the jumping through other people’s hoops, the climbing of someone else’s ladder.  I am deciding to step up and claim the life I want and I am never going back to that passive, victim-y experience of life.

I completely believe abundance is mine for the taking though for the majority of my life, I thought I had to struggle, to suffer living a life I did not want.

I am SOOOO done with that.

And yep, there were all kinds of things to work through (and still to work through) to finally come to the conclusion that I was the only one in my own way…

So, I know it will take some doing on your part.

But you are working hard to stay stuck so why not work hard to create freedom, wealth and EVERYTHING YOU WANT!

You do get a choice, you know?

If you are ready to be, do, have all that you want…

If you are ready to create a life and a business that you wake up every morning excited to have…

If you are ready to push your limits and see that you are capable of so much more than you have given yourself credit for…

Then come join us in the Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track Group where you can be part of a community of warrior leaders who are ready to have it all NOW and where you can get all the business training you need to promote the shiz out of your thing and you, and you can break free of the shackles that have kept you in a life that is just plain ordinary.  To find out more, pop on over to – And for the next few days, you can get your first month for just $4.95

It is time to fight for to create the life and the business you want.

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