The Hard Action That Seems SOOOO Easy & Yet No One Really Does It Even Though It Makes Life More Prosperous & Successful

Yesterday I had a question/email from one of my awesome subscribers and it ended with something along the lines of “If it is just about thinking rich, then that is so easy.  Why is everyone not rich yet?”

I had to smile.

In fact, I let out a little giggle!

Because thinking rich, thinking positive, ANY KIND OF DELIBERATE THINKING is one of the hardest things for most people to do and I include myself in that.

It seems so easy…

And yet, it is not

And most people will do ANYTHING to avoid it.

They would not admit to that, of course…

I would not have admitted to it in my more passive days either…

I was journalling and praying and everything

I would have told you, in no uncertain terms that I was a thinking girl.


And yet, I look back at that girl with a smile…

I was so self-doubt-indulging!!!!

Yes, I was thinking a lot

But NO, I was not thinking rich

I was not being deliberate about what was allowed to take root in my head

I was just allowing any old thing in my noggin!

And it showed in my up-and-down results.

There were some things that I expected in my life and so it was easy to think of those – Like getting a good education and becoming a professional and earning a certain amount of money – that stuff had been repeated and repeated to me since birth and so it was easy to think in that way.

But when I realised that I was living everyone else’s life and not mine, then thinking got hard.

My lower brain wanted to stay stuck thinking like I had always had

My more spiritual, purpose-driven mind wanted to elevate and think for increased prosperity and wealth

And my lower brain won most of the time.

It took some serious determination to change my mind

And as I keep reminding us, we are a lot more powerful than we give ourselves credit for.

We were created that way by the Divine

We have free will

And so we get to think any old way we choose to

And therefore we get to create any results we choose to create…

Good or bad.

And if the way you default towards is to think on lower things which may have served you at some point but now simply hold you back…

then it is tough.

I get it.

I had a hard day yesterday raising my mood and thinking for the next level of success I am working towards…

I get what it is like to keep snapping back down to whatever is normal for you.

So yes, when I got that message yesterday, I smiled.

The truth is, most people would rather work physically HARD FOREVER than work mentally hard.

And I was one of those people

I remember asking my coach whether I could just put in more and more and more work and then, would things work?

And yes, they will work to an extent but to break through to incredible levels, it is going to need a mindshift and that can be tough at the start


Will you commit to elevating your mind as many times as you need to?

And yes, will you also commit to the physical work?

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Much Amazing Love

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