Growing A Business? Here’s 5 things To Consider

Growing a business

You are here because you want to grow your business, right?

Well, let me give you a few more pointers that may get you thinking and ACTING a little differently in order to get results.

1. Brand yourself

Just yesterday, I was in a Facebook group where they were bemoaning the fact that family and friends were more likely to support celebrities and buy their branded goods than they were to support their family and friends who sold the same products.

The thing they missed was the fact that celebrity sells!  People will always buy from the celebrity so think about how you can show up more powerfully in the marketplace and potentially become a mini celebrity.

2. Be an expert

OK, so please make sure that you know what you are talking about when it comes to your product, service, opportunity.  Celebrity sells, for sure but CELEBRITY plus EXPERTISE sells EVEN more !

3. Solve ONE problem

Be the go-to business owner for a specific problem that your potential prospects have.  Stop trying to be everything to everyone.  I am the best at getting entrepreneur/leaders into action – That is my ONE thing.  Yes, i may teach the techniques and strategies of marketing and lead generation and conversion as a part of that – the main thing is getting people doing the work!  What is your main thing?  Do your people know you are the best at it?  Or are you trying to get 2 or more businesses off the ground at the same moment when you have not even managed to get one working?

4. Be BOLD

Being an entrepreneur demands that you be BOLD and COURAGEOUS or else you will not win!  You have to face down all the internal fears and take the next step, even if you have not done it before.  Question… Are you doing this daily?  Or are you far too comfortable?  Your business does not grow in the comfort zone.

5. Drop The Victim Attitude

Going back to the Facebook I mentioned earlier, the person who started this thread was obviously suffering from a victim mentality where their family and friends are to blame for their current lack of success. And then the entrepreneurs that jumped on the bandwagon to agree with the initial poster are also suffering from the same malady.  The truth is, no one and nothing (not the government, the banks, the rich people, your rich friend, your family, NO ONE!) is responsible for the success of your business.  ONLY YOU ARE!

And the moment you start to relinquish that responsibility is the moment you fail.

Which one of these can you implement today?

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