Do you ever feel like life could be easier?

Or are you addicted to the struggle?

Do you find pleasure in having a story to tell, of how you overcame the darkness and how you are still standing DESPITE ALL ODDS?

Would you be dissatisfied without that story?

Would your triumph feel suitably triumphant, if you did not have the story of trial and tribulation?

Be honest now.

Listen to that little voice inside

It tells the truth

And now that I have prompted you to listen, it will be happy to have your attention.

Is there drama in your life?


Does it feel unsafe when nothing exciting is happening?

Does it feel like you are not doing enough when things feel easy and so before you know it, you are caught up in the next drama – YOURS or SOMEONE ELSE’S?

Is there a quiet sigh of relief when there is some trouble going on?  Because really, trouble is all you have known and you actually trust it, more than calm, flow, ease, joy.

How happy are you allowed to be?

How good can things get before you are wondering what the catch is?

Lots of questions

You acknowledge with words that life can be easy but be honest, BE VERY, VERY honest with yourself – Do you find yourself pulled into troubling situations that really do not always have much to do with you?

Are you always trying to save someone?

Telling yourself that you love them and that is why

Or that you are a good person and you have to help

Even though you KNOW that the person seems to want to wallow in their drama

FREE YOURSELF from the need to struggle

It is not your birthright

It is not your divine heritage

Life can be easy

Life can be full of joy

YOu do not have to be at one extreme of emotion or the other

That is not the DELIBERATE LIFE

That is not PROSPERITY

It may feel safe but actually, that is simply because it is time to heal

Are you willing to let go?

Are you willing to listen to the still small voice of Source within calling you higher?

Calling you to let go of the lesser things

Calling you to let go of anyone who wants to wallow in pain

That no longer needs to be you.

That is not love

That is co-dependence

And it is keeping you from your destiny

It is time to rise.

It is time to grow.

#Affirm with me: I am ready now to choose joy, flow, ease.

Write it down


Let it plant itself in your subconscious

Do not despise these simple actions

Do not go looking for the more complicated things

Choose joy flow ease.

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight

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