Great Things Take Time – Will You Create A Great Life Or Not?

Let’s be honest… Great things take time.

And YOU are called to a GREAT THING!

You want everything yesterday, right? And this waiting game is not pleasant at all and yet, it is inevitable that as you stay on the path, you WILL get what you are ‘hustling while you wait’ for.

And it takes a certain kind of strong person to keep ahold of the vision while walking the steps of the path – Are you that person?

I personally made a decision about where I was going and I still remember the day I woke up and realised I had met my then goal – I had won the Porsche, I had left my work, I had created financial freedom in my own business and I had done it despite my doubts, fears, wondering if I will ever get there, wondering if I was deluded, wondering if I should just give it all up and settle into being a pharmacist forever…

I realised in that moment that I could be THAT PERSON!  That person who stays on the path, even though it was one of the toughest things I had ever done and then I made an even more ‘deluded’ decision – The decision to live a life of purpose and wealth doing only what I love.  And so here I am…

I personally have made a decision about where I am going, who I choose to be, what I choose to welcome in my life and I am on this path until it happens in its fullness – Come hell, heaven or high water, I will stay on path.

What of you?

Have you made that solid internal decision?

Or are you up and down like a yo-yo?  Some days, you are in, other days, you count yourself out, stop, starting and wondering why you get nowhere fast.  You watch the ‘overnight successes’ out there and you forget the tireless activity they put in to make it look that way.  You were not there in the days when, like you are doing right now, they stayed on path and did the work even when they were not getting the accolades.

They had vision and they stuck with it.

They cried lots and still kept the vision…

Like you, they wished it would happen yesterday and still they stayed on path…

They attempted to cherish each win and also, had bouts of disappointment but kept on path anyway…

And now they encourage you to stay on the road and they honestly share the journey but all you can hear, are the triumphs…

Listen closer, honey!

Everyone has experienced what you are going through now and the only difference between you and the successful ones, is time.

The only difference between you and the unsuccessful ones, is whether you stay on path or not, whether you are a talker or a doer.

So, honey, what will it be?

Are you with me?

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