No honey, you are not stuck

Grace overrules everything

No, honey, you do not have to pay for that mistake again and again and again

Grace overrules everything

You may not be perfect yet

And still grace overrules

You may have slept with that person against your better judgement

Grace still overrules

You may have eaten that last cinnabon even though you knew you had 10 before it

Grace still overrules

You may keep procrastinating on designing the life you want

And grace overrules still

You may have yelled with anger at your defenseless child

Grace overrules

And I know even as I type these that you are probably thinking “But I have to pay…

Surely at some point, I have to pay”

But that is the magic of grace

You don’t have to pay

You can simply choose in this moment who you want to be

And start being that, right now

Yes, you may want to apologize to your child or whatever

Because you decide from this moment forward, you are patient and kind

But you do not have to keep up with the self-punishment

You do not have to keep up with the guilt

All those things do is keep the picture of who you do not want to be, right there in front of you all the time, taunting you, calling you back to it, telling you that you are helpless against the pull of being that person that does those things…

Guilt, punishment do not help

You will always become a reflection of whatever you keep looking at

So allow grace to overrule everything

Let yourself go

And start to gaze on an inner picture of yourself being all the things you would rather be

You will then start to reflect that in your physical reality

I know some will want you to pay

Some will want to judge you and make sure you feel bad because they too are caught up in thinking that punishment and guilt work to change a person

But you do not have to buy into their nonsense anymore.

No one can make you feel anything without your permission

And you used to give them permission to make you feel bad because you thought you deserved it

Well, now you know that Grace overrules everything

Turn away from those who would seek to judge you

And instead lean in on the everlasting arms of love that are available to all

Call it universe, Source, Divine, Higher power, God or Papa

There is love and grace in the Source of all that is

Acceptance and grace is available to you there

And as you gaze into the eyes of love (even if just in your imagination), you will start to reflect that love here on this planet

You will start to be all the things you dream of being

And you will start to design the life you dream of designing

Honey, Grace Overrules everything

And you are incredible loved

Let go of the past stories

And create a new story now

A prosperous story of grace and love breaking through…

A story of you allowing yourself to receive all that you desire now that you fully realise that you are WORTHY of every good thing because grace overrules EVERYTHING!

And before you go…

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Much Amazing Love

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