Why Not Go From Good To Great? You Need To Be More Purpose driven

By September 5, 2015Entrepreneur
Why Not Go From Good To Great? You Need To Be More Purpose driven

Here I am at a conference which is proving far more strategic than I like, truth be told.

Last time I came to this, I was very enthused and enjoyed the talks but for some reason this time, there is a huge emphasis on the strategy and the tips, tricks and techniques which is great but most of the people listening in are going to go home and do nothing with it because it is too much for a regular business owner to take in.

I suppose that is a part of the point of the event, they possibly hope to get people signing up for the mastermind which is menationed every other speech.  I do completely believe in masterminds so kudos to them.  It is one of the only ways for people to get solid, consistent results…

Oh yes, and work with a coach.

Anyway, I do hope we get some motivation and inspiration as well as all this technical stuff.

Back to the point here, I met a lovely awesome dude who broke through my need to be anti-social at events like this. I tell myself that I am waiting for someone to make the first move and that will be the person I am supposed to speak to.  It does tend to work but maybe, I am just being a scaredy-cat. Who knows? I have met lots of people this way though so I think it is a working strategy. I do set an intention that I meet the right person or people.

Anyway, we got to talking and I was wow-ed by what he had to say.

I loved his business and what he was about but… and this is where a lot of super-powerful efficient people fall down…

There were too many distractions…

All good and great sounding but how much of it was to suit the people who recognized how capable he was and therefore wanted to make use of his usefulness? Not in a bad way, of course – Everyone means well and when you, yourself are uncertain about what you are about then you will fall into the agenda of many.

The truth is, I am no longer talking about this dude anymore because I do not know enough to make that assessment.

I just see it so many times…

Capable people who are unsure of just how great they could be, reduce their bigness to fit into what seems to be the thing to do at the time.

And so, we do not get the fullness of what they have to offer.

And it all seems so sensible.

Capable people do not always like the marketing thing and consider it in some way anathema to their mission and so they limit their reach to a fraction of the people they could impact.

And yes, you know… building a business is tough. It is easier to do the back office stuff and hide away from the public where you really want to be.

But that gets your message nowhere.

It is time to wake up to the potential within you.

I could go on and on but I want to try to keep this short and get the message across. Let me leave you with the question I left the dude with –

Is this thing you are doing a ‘should’ or is it actually the right thing for you to be doing now?

Think about it.

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