Give yourself permission to dare, to do, to get results – This is the real path of the successful entrepreneur

Dare, Do, Get results

So, you have listened to this guru and that guru telling you exactly how things MUST be done…

They have given you the instructions and you follow it to the letter…

Surely this is how life and business must work – That person said it and so it must be so!


But then nothing works…

You try and you try and you try to make it work the way they say it has to work and it just does not work…

And you start to get despondent.

You start to think there is something wrong with you…

Why is it not working for you?  The guru said it would but it just is not!

And then, if you are like a norm, you quit, thinking that everyone is out to scam you and make you spend money on things that will never work…

And you forget that you NEVER showed up!


You wanted the ‘paint by numbers’ approach to success and that, my dear, does not exist!  I know you want it to exist, I know you want to not have to think (Although I have to tell you that your need to not think and just follow a system is a ‘norm’ way of being and you are not a norm, are you?)…

You want it to be like magic – somehow great results come without you having to really put yourself in the mix.

And it ain’t working!

I mean, you can SEE that life does not work that way!

You can see that God made you different from everyone else around you.

And yet, you think that you can just follow a boring old system and not experiment a little with it to get a result that suits you!

Now, please hear me, I am not saying that no one can teach you anything at all – Of course they can.  They can tell you the basics that you need to put in place in order to get the result you want but then you have to fly with it.

YOU have to give it wings and you can only do that by experimenting and adding your own unique slant into the mix…

And it is in that time of finding your unique voice that most people quit thinking that they are just not cut out for success and wealth when really they exactly are cut out to discover it their own way if they would just ACTUALLY show up as them, rather than some weird version of someone else.

People get scared of making mistakes and so they follow a system step by step by step, never wanting to veer away from the system, never wanting to try something different, never wanting to let their own light shine because they worry that their own light is not that great a light.

And the trouble is that it is your own light that will make the journey bearable and also, it is your own light that other people will trust.

They sense when you are being authentic and then they buy from you.

They also sense when you are being another ‘fly by night’, ‘follow the system’, wanna-be entrepreneur who is petrified of actually being themselves and giving everything that magic, yet vulnerable, touch that comes from being a human finding your way in the world of business.

Listen, Enough trying to win by being nothing at all like yourself!

And instead wake up and put yourself, really put yourself in the fray!

Dare to make mistakes and still keep stepping…

Dare to make those mistakes fast and speedily so that you can quickly find what works…

Yes, it will feel horrid to make mistakes but it does not have to!

It does not have to break you, you know!

You do not have to give your mistakes a meaning they do not have – They do not have to mean that you will never succeed, you know?

They do not have to mean that YOU, beautiful YOU, are missing the entrepreneurship gene and everyone will hate you forever!

Your ‘mistakes’ can just be lessons learnt as you move on to the next daring adventure.

Choose to have incredible self-belief and just move from one thing to the next without taking a breath except to access what did not work so that you can move swiftly forward.

The only reason most people do not reach their goals is because they do not move forward fast enough – there is just too much navel gazing and meaning-giving than there needs to be.


And put YOU into the mix.

YOU are the most unique thing out there so please, PLEASE let us see you!

Let us get to know you, let us trust you and allow us to buy something from you.

The gurus are right and wrong.

They are right about the basics of marketing and promotion…

They are wrong if they make you think that their system will work without your unique energy.

The world awaits your awakening – Now, WAKE UP!

And fight for, create the life, the business you want!

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