Give Up The Cookie Cutter Syndrome

I get it, leader!
You are scared that if the real you actually did stand up, no one would want to know…
You would be ignored…
You would lose all your money…
Go bankrupt…
And die alone!
OK, so maybe a slight exaggeration but be honest, it is the way you feel, isn’t it?
And so, you keep choosing to show up as some fake version of yourself that incidentally looks EXACTLY like the guru you think you need to be like!
And, well, you get exactly what you feared…
No one notices you.
The people you are called to serve, ignore you…
Because all they see is a watered down version of the other ‘guru’ person over there and well, it is boring!
Really! Who ARE you?
Do you even remember?
You are doing everything the gurus told you to do, going through most of the motions and yet, you are getting nowhere and really, you don’t even know who you are anymore.
Spirit keeps trying to get your attention but you are not listening because you are scared of what you might see if you paid attention…
And so you stay on this weird path of yours and get absolutely nowhere!
You long for the person you see in your mind’s eye to actually become your reality…
That person that is impacting so many people, teaching them how to live, how to heal, how to be whole…
Coaching them, counselling them, inspiring them…
You see yourself doing this and yet, when it comes down to it, you just don’t believe you can create wealth that way and so you stay on this dissatisfying path that actually gets you nowhere!
Are you done yet?
Are you ready to repent yet?
The real call on your life is calling you…
Will you listen in?
Don’t you know that your big vision is given to you to fulfill now, not some time in the future?
Don’t you actually believe that you can be looked after while doing your real work?
Don’t you know that abundance is your birthright but that you will never experience it while trying to be a cookie cutter version of someone else?
Leader, come on now!
Surely it is time to get clear on the work you are born to do…
And to put a plan of attack in place…
Yes it is time to get on the narrow path!
The path that is yours alone…
And you will find your true success there!
Leader, it is time!
Join me at the DM Retreat here in the UK where I will help you get clear on your purpose, get you free of any blockages, help you design a strategy to launch the real you on the world and create a plan for true prosperity and success.
And also…
1. 3 days away from the hustle and bustle of life…
2. Time to get clear about what you want your life to be about, where you may have gone off course
3. Relieve the stress and strain of every day living and take some times for clarity of direction
4. Map out your entire business so that you can see what needs to be done next
5. Make a next step, simple marketing plan to get you making money at any new ideas within 90 days of the retreat
6. Get back in touch with Spirit/Source/Intuition and tap into incredible wisdom being the leader you are born to be
7. All your food and accommodation paid for – All you need to do is turn up ready to be healed and set free to impact, influence and increase your income
8. Remove any money blocks stopping you from creating wealth in abundance
9. Start loving life again, instead of that feeling of dread that tends to overwhelm you first thing in the morning
10. Understand how online business works so that you start making it work for you immediately
11. Get pampered and looked after for the time that you are away – Lay down your need to care for everyone and just tap back into you and your needs
You want in? 30th October – 1st November – Private message me now for more info.

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