Get The Hell Over Yourself So That You Can Really Win

Get Over Yourself

Is it pride or is it fear that keeps you stuck in place, holding on to what you think makes you seem sensible, practical, someone to look up to?

Is it a need to maintain or build a name for yourself that does not even fit?

You keep holding back on what you really want to say and do because you think it will simply not fit in to the world as it is but you forget you are here to CHANGE the world!

Not just to keep it going the way it always has!


Born to dominate in whatever sphere you want and to change the status quo

But you will never do it while you try to blend in and you allow your fears of what people will think of you to prevent you from doing what it is you REALLY want to do.

You want to be seen as YOU

And yet, you show up as something OTHER than you…

You show the acceptable side of you, or so you think…

We just think it is boring and we don’t notice you..

And you see that and it hurts you that we don’t pay attention to you because lets be honest, you want to be on display, you are a born performer and you want the attention.

But honey, you will not get it while you play this game of pretending to be something you are not.

And you definitely will not get the attention when you try to pretend you don’t want the attention!

Unleash the real you!

the crazy, sexy, powerful version of you!

Get over your fears and your pride and allow yourself to win at being you!

Am I being clear enough?

Do you understand what I am saying?

Does it ring true in your heart?

All this hiding!

All this not saying what you want to say!

All this being someone you don’t want to be!

All this doing things you don’t want to do but you think it makes you good, holy and you think that the things you really do want to do, cannot make you money.

And so, you keep deceiving yourself that one day, you will do your real work…

You tell yourself that one day, when you have lined all your ducks up and everything is perfect, then you will finally come fully alive and be the person you see in your mind’s eye but that one day will never come, NEVER COME.

Because you will have to get over even more of yourself than you have to now and you will be even more stuck in the mud.  Even more mired in a life you do not like and it will seem even harder to escape it.

Everyone will have even more expectations of you…

They will know you as this person you have pretended to be for so long and they will never allow you to change…

You think that it will be better and easier to change then but it will be harder and you will feel even more mixed up.

Now is the time to repent.


Now is the time to get over yourself!

Now is the time to be the person you see in your mind’s eye…

Now is the day to find the courage to play full out as the real you

Now is the day to own your greatness and let it shine.


Get the fuck over yourself, will ya?

Allow yourself to be who you want to be.

One life, honey, MAKE THE MOST OF IT!

Do the things you dream of doing.

Whatever they are – DO THEM!

Say the things you want to say.

Be the leader you want to be

Call in your true audience.

Stop trying to appease those who want you to stay down…

And please!!!!  Don’t YOU be the only reason you stay down!


Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to

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