Close your eyes for a second (and yet, continue reading!)

Take a few deep breaths and centre yourself

Get back in touch with the very heart of you

Do you feel the strings that bind you?

Do you feel the heavy loads you carry around?

All the things you do only because you think you have to

All the people you stick around with because of duty

All the demands

All the rules


Can you feel the weight of it all?

IS it any wonder that life feels stuck?

What if you started cutting the strings?

Considering each one and deciding whether it supported and empowered you

Or whether it just tied you down?

And then breaking free of all that shackle you

Refusing to care any longer what anyone thought

But instead, making your happiness a priority…

What could happen to you then?

You long for freedom

Are you actually willing to take it?

Or do you immediately shut down and tell yourself that you cannot be that selfish, greedy, weak…

But whose conditioning are you responding to, my honey?

Because you surely agree that freedom is your divine right

So why then do you agree to stay in bondage?

Without really paying attention to who or what you are in bondage to?

Snap, snap, snap…

Snap the chains that bind you…

Snap, snap, SNAP

Be your own person again…


Dare to trust your intuition…

Dare to trust that any discomfort you have been feeling is leading you to the pathway of freedom

Forget the rules

Start afresh

Forget what a static book said

Go for the living, dynamic connection

I know it is scary to consider that you do not need some words to tell you how to live but seriously, would your connection cease without the static book?

And if yes, is it real?

Consider what you are believing

Question what you are believing

Dare to trust yourself again

Everything about life in this current day and age, seems to want you to leave behind your own internal knowing…

Will you return to that knowing?

Will you trust that Source can communicate directly with you?

Will you dare to be free enough to listen in and act upon what you hear?

I see you free, feeling so light as you snap off the chains that bind you…

Flying forward free of the burdens of the past

Sprinting from glory to glory as you realise that you always knew there was a freer way to live

Come on!

It is time to be ALL OF YOU!

To break the chains that shackle you to a life you do not wake up happy to…

It is time to bask in freedom, love, happiness, abundance…

It is time to seek true fulfilment as you dare to leave behind things that promised to fulfil you but actually left you hungry for the real deal.

No more trying to tame yourself

No more trying to fit into the lines that others have defined for you

No more lying to yourself about being happy in a life that stifles and keeps you down

Allow yourself to thrive

Allow yourself to admit that you are not happy with the status quo and in admitting it, you can then start to find a new way…

There is always a way


And it probably is less scary than you think

Snap. Snap. SNAP

Break those chains, honey!


Affirm it with me

I am free

I AM free


Imagine it

See it

Feel it

Choose it!


Now, before you go, pop over to watch THE ABUNDANT LIFE:  3 Key Steps To Handle Limiting Beliefs, Clear Past Trauma & Create A Free, Fulfilled, Financially Abundant & Love-Drenched Life.

Watch it all the way to the end, let the message seep into you.  Remember that your vision is your permission.  Allow yourself to be free.

Watch it now – Here is the direct link to it –

Freedom is claimed.

It does not just happen.

It is time.




Much amazing love

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