Fling Wide Open The Gates to Abundance

You are worthy of every good thing…

No hoops to jump through…

No ladders to climb

No rules to follow

You are worthy of EVERY GOOD THING!

Take that in…

Savour it…

This is the year of jubilee – a time of celebration

This is a time of freedom

This is the time to break all chains to a past existence that did not serve you

This is the time to say ‘NO MORE’ to rules and dogma that keep you tied up in knots…


The only thing that can keep all your good away from you is your attachment to ideas and thoughts and beliefs that do not serve you…

They may seem like good ideas but they make you feel small and unworthy…

So, are you willing to question anything that seems to hold you back?

Are you willing to go DIRECTLY to the Divine and get true wisdom, instead of the pass-me-down ideas that you have been living on, to date?

Like the Israelites in the Bible stories – Are you choosing rules and laws over intimate relationship?

Because of fear…

Fear that something you have done or will do, will cut you off from love, will cut you off from all that you desire?

And so in the process, you cut yourself off from abundance

It is time to fling wide open the gates and let the flow come in

As you choose to accept your inherent worthiness

As you choose to feel just how loved you are – There is no limit to this love…

As you allow yourself to live to your true design, instead of this forced, horrid, limited life that you endure

Then you will receive and receive and receive…


It is your birthright.

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Much Amazing Love


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