Falling Down Is An Accident, Staying Down Is A Choice

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Have you seen a baby learn to walk?

Have you heard that example time and time again?

Have you learnt the lesson in it YET?

Or are you still thinking that unless you can take one step to greatness everytime, then your ideas, your visions, your mission is not worth getting back up and trying again for?

Everyone, and I do mean, EVERYONE, falls down at times but that means nothing!

It means absolutely nothing unless you choose to make it mean you can never get up again…

Unless you decide to accept defeat and refuse to keep stepping!

And why on earth would you do such a thing?

Are your big dreams not worth you getting back up and making the choice to keep moving forward even when it feels tough, you feel broken, you are not sure you can do it again… EVEN THEN!

Is the dream of what could be, if you do keep getting back up, not worth it?

It is like being pregnant and because the pain of child birth has now come and it is more painful than you ever imagined and so you decide to quit mid-birthing!

Guess what?!  You cannot do that!  Well, you can try and you will probably kill the dream, destroy parts of yourself and still have to give birth painfully to a dead child and live with regret forever that you did not just go through the pain quickly rather than fearing it and trying to hold back, trying to run from it.

I know it is a horrible analogy but I need you to understand that you are here for a reason and when you do not live out that reason, it does not go away from you…

That potential stays within you…

Killing parts of you slowly because you try so hard to ignore it!

This is why there are so many walking dead norms all around us because they gave up on trying…

They fell down and then thought that life as they know it, was over and they stayed down but pretended to still be alive…

Going through the motions of life but not really engaging anymore because they have decided that the potential within them was given to taunt them, not to actually be used…

They are dissatisfied but forcing themselves to live with it…

They are taking the slow path to death, dragging it out, dying a little more each day…

As though they have no choice!

And honey, you and I know that we always have a choice!

It is not always an easy choice!

But we always have a choice to get back up and to go through the fire to give birth to a healthy child (OK, if you are a dude or child-free lady, sorry! you may not understand completely!)

But this is the thing, I went through this and on some days, it feels like I am still going through it.

I hit rock bottom, Iwent bankrupt – I FELL DOWN HEAVILY!

And honey, my whole life even before that had been a WHOLE LOT OF FALLING DOWN!

And so I gave up!

I thought I was done!

I thought I had better stop trying as even the trying seem to make it all worse!

And so I became one of the walking dead!

Good things happened to everyone else, NOT ME!

I just had to settle down and be happy with the status quo, right?

And I did!

I got depressed, there was darkness all around – I felt completely numb inside – The blank took over because that waas the only way for me to live that dead life.

Finally I woke up!

Pretending to be dead is not the same as being dead, unless you make it permanent.

And why would you do that?

Falling down happens…

Staying down is a choice…

You do not have to make that choice!

You can get back up now and re-enter the fight!

Your best life is worth it!

Your dreams are worth it!

Come on!

It is time to fight for, to create the life, the business you want!

Take the next step now…

I dare you!

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