Everything works out for your good

You read a quote on Facebook that spoke to your heart…

A relevant email comes through just at the moment when you needed to know the answer to a specific question…

You get a phone call from a friend just when you needed it

And in those moments, it is easy to see that everything is working out for your good.

What if you believed this was ALWAYS the case?

That even in the face of seeming darkness, there is an opportunity, a lesson, something good for you to glean from it…

God/The Universe IS FOR YOU!

Everything wants you to evolve, to grow, to BE MORE…

And sometimes, THE GOOD is cloaked in darkness so that you search for it…

Not so that you feel overwhelmed and hard-done-by

Subconsciously, you know the lessons you need to learn and at times, you choose to go through certain difficulties in order to cement these lessons (I know you did not realise just how powerful you were! Well, now you know!)

You are so important to the evolution of this planet…

You may not always realise this as you go about your daily business, thinking you just need to do enough to get by…

But let me remind you…


Or it would do, if you realised this and stopped thinking that you cannot overcome.

What difference could it make to your attitude and outlook, if you really believed this?

What if you realised that the bad stuff is temporary, not a permanent place to live life?

What if you started to affirm to yourself

“I am already through this and I have grown.  Thank you”

And then you started to act as the powerful person you know you are, seeking out the lesson, taking it on board and living as though you really are on the other side of the trial.

The first time I was in serious debt, I sunk, I drowned in overwhelm, I could not see anyway forward adn so I chose to go bankrupt and get depressed for 4 years.

The next time I faced serious debt, I ROSE.

I saw the debt for what it was but I refused to allow it to take me down…

I saw it as a transition…

I saw it as a sign of trust in my ability to create wealth to pay it all down…

I conquered because I kept my vision firmly in front of me and I kept acting towards it.

No, I am not some kind of emotionless robot so there were times when I felt overwhelmed but I refused to live there…

I KNEW that I was an overcomer and so I refused to play dead.

Same situation

Different reaction

One caused me to sink and remain in the darkness

One caused me to RISE above even while going through the darkness…

I finally KNEW that everything worked out for my good…

Is it time you owned that lesson?

Is it time you stopped seeing any situation as dire and hopeless?

It is NEVER the truth

You are an overcomer

You simply need to own it.



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Much Amazing Love

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