Stop Scurrying Around On The Ground! It Is Time To Look Up, Don’t You Know That Drama Will Always Be There Whereas Your Vision Has a BEST-BEFORE Date?

Tell me, what is your default state of being?

Mine used to be one of negativity…

My first reaction used to be, to find something to complain about

To blame something, someone for my discomfort

To shame myself for not being good enough, fast enough, wise enough, African enough, friendly enough, WHATEVER enough…

My other state of being used to be one of getting caught up in all the concerns and dramas of my life and everyone else’s life…

I was supposed to save everyone, don’t you know?!!!!

And the only way I thought I could do it was to keep my head down and keep running…

From one crazy drama to another

And then it would all come to a head, I would decide to lighten my load and exterminate as much drama as possible

I would breathe easy for a second and then…

I would somehow find myself back in the same place, scurrying around in the dark like a hamster on a wheel, running faster to stand OH SO VERY VERY STILL!

Thankfully, Papa got my attention and little by little as I opened up to opportunities to change, I changed.

I started to look up.

I started to take responsibility for my mood and for creating my vision…

I chose not to continually react to the drama or look for a reason to moan, groan, complain.

I can see this same negative default state of being in some people that come into my world…

Because I lived that way for too long!

And it makes me smile a little because I know they are powerful enough to change and so I am excited for them…

And also I feel sad, because I wonder if they will allow themselves to see the power in themselves

I know I cannot save anyone as each person is powerful enough to save themselves, so it saddens me to see that an individual’s default of disbelief, stuckness, complaining and negativity could be the reason that they do not take up opportunities that seek them out.

And also, their default may be one of searching for others to blame because it takes the pressure off oneself to play bigger and it also takes the pressure off the internal shame that life is not quite where they had hoped it would be.

(I must admit that it angers me when they try to make their sadness, my fault but that is a story for another day 😀 and I am learning to see beyond the nonsense and love anyway and I hold onto hope that change is a-coming!)

This is the thing…

Freedom is free, prosperity is free, fulfilment is free but it all ALSO comes with a price…

Part of the price for me was very physical – I paid a lot of mentors to support me in rising above the stories of my past and to give me new ideas, new ways of looking at the world because I did not know what I did not know.  When you are so caught up in looking at the world one way, it takes exposure to a new way to let you see that there are options.  And I feel Papa brought these people my way to show me that I did not have to live in my old default.  HOwever, I had to choose to see the opportunity for what it was and take a hold of it which is hard to do when you are caught up in looking for the bad, looking for the scam and all that.  Thankfully, I reached rockbottom so I NEEDED a change so I suspended my need to be right and chose instead to be happy.

The other part of the price was very mental/spiritual – As I was exposed to new ways of seeing the world, I ALSO had to do the internal work to change my default.  It was not enough to learn or be told what to do, I had to internalise it.

And at times, it was EASIER to pay the physical money than change my insides!!!!

The shifting away from trying to fix the ever urgent drama to choosing instead to keep my eyes on my vision, was tough.

The drama wants your attention, it wants you to do something NOW, it tells you that if you do not do something now then the world as you know it, will end and so you keep scurrying around trying to fix this and then something else breaks and so you go trying to fix that, and then SOMETHING ELSE breaks!!!!

You become a FIREFIGHTER and honey, there is almost always a FIRE to fight!

Let me paraphrase Jesus here –

“The Drama will always be with you, but the vision has a best-before date!”

You have to change your default state of being from one of negativity, complaining and drama-fixing to one of being a creator, a deliberate designer of a life you adore, to one of ignoring the drama because you will find that most of it will either drop away or get sorted as you stay on the narrow path to your vision.

But it will pull at you…

And you need to find the courage to IGNORE IT and Expand YOU!

As you grow, as you expand, you will find yourself attracting different circumstances

Some of the old stuff will drop away

You will feel called to take better, more life-enhancing actions

And as you continually & VERY DELIBERATELY DESIGN LIFE, you will look back and realise everything has changed.

You are more prosperous than ever and life feels AWESOME!

Yep, there will be valleys but you will know that you are more than capable and you are fully supported to keep your eyes firmly on your vision.


Time to rise!

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight

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